Monday, May 4, 2015

The Health Triangle !

Health is encompassed into many things. What is healthy? What is enough training? What does being fit mean to you?? Looking at this to have a HAPPY and LONG life you need to find balance. A balance between demands of training, your mental state, your overall health and well-being. A balance of the 3 peaks : Strength, Happiness, and Health are optimal for a good quality of life. Whether you are training to succeed in a sport, or just want optimum health and longevity,
It's easy to over-do some or all of these peaks while leaving yourself feeling like you are "healthy" but in retrospect it is a fine line that you need to understand and really evaluate your goals and how to find MORE balance of all three for optimal performance in life.
I believe that there is a correct amount of exercise for every individual, and It should be only the amount that keeps you healthy, maintains your body composition, and supports the activities that make you happy.But what if you are training for something specific? Training will be done at a higher capacity and over training will occur unless you prevent burnout.
Lets look at these peaks !!
Physical fitness or strength and conditioning that includes EVERYONE!! That includes grandmas to athletes wishing to succeed in a sport. In order to become strong one must LIFT HEAVY things relative to you. Yes, that 5# dumbbell you have been curling needs an upgrade ! Having the physical strength to do things in life will make everything easier to accomplish !!!
Let’s remember the bigger picture here! You want a quality of life extending into your later years. Being healthy starts with positive lifestyle along with learning what is optimal for YOU!!! One aspect is learning the why behind the what. Especially when it comes to food choices, nutrition and exercise. You need to learn what a healthy lifestyle is to you, Eating optimally to support your goals and fitness will help prevent breakdown of your body and diseases that are offset by good nutritional habits !
What do you love to do?
Workout? Surf? Garden? Boating? Skydive?
What do you do to PLAY ??
Play feeds your soul and that is important for quality of life. The first two peaks: Health and Strength, should feed your PLAY and enhance your mood and your quality of life!
Integrating these “3 peaks” will help you balance your life and eliminate the pressure of “having to do things” that should be elective. It will help prioritize your tasks and get you on the right track.
You will feel it! If you have an athletic endeavor, having a good balance in your life will help you succeed in your sport or competition.

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