Saturday, May 9, 2015

RECOVERY takes time ... that doesn't mean time off of training !

Being an athlete at any level, when you start to push your body you will start to have wear and tear. This is a common occurrence and nothing to be alarmed with. BUT there is that time when injuries DO happen and they might have some rebound consequences that might take you from being 100%.
Injuries happen, it really is just a part of the game. What differentiates the outcome is how you deal with that injury. Any injury is devastating but a lower body injury may make you feel like you are TOTALLY out of the gym. However, this is not the case at all ! You just need to think creatively and formulate a plan of action !
An injury can be a blessing in disguise, if you let it.
A lower body injury is not the end of your training but a bad attitude could ruin those effortsw. Remind yourself that this is really an opportunity to focus on aspects of your training that you didn’t have the time or energy for before.
Yes, training for recovery is not as glamorous as pushing yourself through normal limits. You might feel a little depressed over getting weaker and losing progress, but that doesn’t have to be the case AND you can certainly maintain and improve other aspects of your training !
You can still do plenty to keep strong and in shape. You can make it fun and try new movements. Before you know it you’ll be renewed, recovered, and ready to lift again despite a setback.
Maintain your routine AND STICK WITH IT!
You ARE still an athlete. The amount of time you have allotted to the gym didn’t change because of this injury. So, show up and find a way to better yourself. Do whatever you can to keep strong and fit. If you have a lower body issue chose to focus on your shoulders, back, core, triceps, biceps, and doing some cardio if permissible.
Here are some sample exercises to lower body programming:
Seated Dumbbell Clean and Press
Seated DB Press
Bench Press
DB Chest Press
DB Row
Cable Row
Skull Crushers
Bicycle Intervals, walking, rowing
Maintain the intensity in your workouts. If your workouts are usually high intensity, try and maintain that.
Hit the same number of movements. Be in the gym for the same number of hours. Try and keep your work-to-rest ratio as close to normal as possible. This will make the transition back to full blown training a lot easier. It will also help you maintain your sanity.
Wednesday Workout Time
Set a timer to 1:00 work with 30 seconds of rest
complete 4 rounds
-renegade rows with dumbbells alternating arms
-squat jumps
-Leg raises to toe touch
-Squat to curl and press
-Mt. climbers
-reverse crunches with chest press

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