Sunday, May 10, 2015

Progress ... Sometimes you need to take a second !

I want all of you to know that we all struggle. Struggle in daily life, fitness, and self-acceptance. I know that I have had a fair share of struggles and then looking back sometimes I don't see where I have come from to where I am now.

I take progress pictures every week. Yes to some it might be a little obsessive but for me it's a constant way for me to check myself before the weekend. It's hard sometimes when you are in a funk and don't see the progress that you are making. I have done weekly pictures for over a FULL year and yes the transformation is evident but there are weeks I don't see it.

Every day we wake up and decide how we want to live our day. You have the choice to make to make your life BETTER or stay the same. It does take a toll on your mind and body to be in a battle of what you WANT to be and WHAT you are now at this moment. That is one thing I struggle with the most is being HAPPY with what I am today and how far I have come.

I love inspiring others and I love showing the strong side of Sara BUT there is a side that is insecure and very doubtful of what I have accomplished and if I am truly making an impact on someone else's life! My goal is to show you ALL of what makes fitness for everyone.

For example, I am not just a body builder, I love cardio, I love competitions, I love functional training, I love pushing the limits. I enjoy ALL OF FITNESS because fitness is everything!

I am going to be making blog posts that really get inside fitness, health and wellness from a REAL standpoint ! I want everyone to see that we all struggle and progress is an ongoing process !

let me help you reach your goals and we can do it together !!

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