Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My journey !

Many of us are getting ready to start a nutrition challenge that may seem intimidating and scary! I will say CHANGE IS SCARY but it is also necessary for growth on many levels and not just your nutrition or performance. I want to share a little bit about me and my story! Many of you "see" me at the gym in a physical sense but my reason behind training and nutrition are a passion that comes from a very hard subject. Just like each of you I am human and I am vulnerable and insecure about a lot of things. So here goes nothing....
I will be the first to admit that I have many insecurities about the way I look or want to look for that matter. My biggest struggle is self-acceptance of how I look at this moment right now. It is a hard concept to swallow, to love your body and not proclaim self hate but in one way or another we all have moments that this insecurity occurs. If we hate any part of ourselves, then nothing is ever good enough. No matter what number I was on the scale, whether my chest bones were poking out or whether I had a "thicker more muscular " look the issue was never the weight. BUT it was much easier to blame my body than to take responsibility for my own insecurities and examine my lack of self-worth. If I felt unworthy and unloved, my body would turn into my enemy and that's how I viewed it for many years.
It all stems back to elementary school when I had my first realization the weight, bullies, and self acceptance all go hand in hand. I was teased for being a little bigger than the other girls in class and I realized that my lunchtime seconds had to go and I needed to learn about "losing weight". Mind you this was 4th grade. I asked my parents to put me into sports so they did and I just played basketball, swam for the swim team, cheered for the boys teams and was a leader in girl scouts. The weight came off and it was noticeable but not alarming.. High School i was introduced to weight training for volleyball ( the one sport I loved) basketball and track to get stronger as an athlete. I was hooked. Lifting and getting stronger was GREAT for the body but then you get made fun of for being "strong" or "muscular" for a girl. I embedded myself into learning the foundations of nutrition and exercise along with performance. I wanted to know everything about it. I further went on to pursue Health and Physical Education in college to educate others and create healthy habits for school aged children.
Fast forward to college, this is where things hit my lowest moment. I am recovered now from an eating disorder that I had throughout college. I was lucky enough to have a close friend and my now husband Eric to be my intervention team and really help me recovery my life. I went back to lifting for performance and I KNEW nutrition was the foundation for success which was my motivation to push forward and use goals as my gauge and NOT the scale. This was the defining moment that I FELT IT... That moment when you accomplish something BIG and you know this is what you were meant to do. From that moment I realized I CAN HELP PEOPLE and I made a promise to myself. I would NEVER let someone feel the way I did if I can be the change in their life to show them how amazing they are at this given moment.
I went on to get my Personal Training certificate and Sports Nutrition Certificate to leave my teaching job and change lives. The passion I have for training runs deep. It's my escape and my way to channel life. I am no longer in the moment when I train I am free from thoughts or any worry! Its my expression to the world. I intend to help as many people as I can in this world to learn to love, respect, and cherish the body they have through exercise and nutrition !
Training for me is about the challenge. To challenge the body and mind. I do competitions for fun because they force me to set a goal and have a reason to train. I love helping people with nutrition because I know how much of a struggle it can be. Nutrition is the foundation and keys to success. Weight training can only get you so far but your body needs to be healthy and happy along with recovery from proper nutrients. My goal is to help each of you with learning what works for your body type and really think about how you can eat to maximize your life and any other goals you have while still fitting it into your lifestyle ! I am here for all of you as your support and friend. Fitness is a journey. I didn't just one day decide to walk on stage and compete I did have a starting point. this picture is the start of my competition journey of Nov. 2014 and the final pic is 1 year later. It's ongoing and ever changing !
I can't wait to be a part of your journey and I hope that this will help someone in realizing that there is nothing to fear but to embrace what you are fearful of and use a team of support to help you along the way. To be better versions of ourselves each day and to thrive through life !!!

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