Saturday, May 23, 2015

Journey to the Stage !

I am headed to the Figure Stage in 11 weeks ! I am going to be posting a little about my progress and journey on here ! I enjoy letting others know and learn about the process ! It's an amazing journey and I am excited to share it with all of you !!!

Right now I am about 132 pounds and I don't really test my body fat percentage. I mostly go by progress pictures that I take weekly ! My diet is about 1900 calories and I am always experimenting to see what works best for the results I am looking for, I hardly count my calories because I eat the same thing everyday. I drink about a gallon a day.

Supplements as Follows: All AdvoCare Prodcuts because they are the safest and most effective. They are tested for ALL 216 banned substances, no fillers, and are in NCAA locker rooms for athletes. They made a HUGE impact on my performance and my physique in just one year !

-MNS 3
-O2 Gold
-Night time Recovery
-Mass Impact
-Arginine  Extreme
-Clear Mood
-Muscle Gain

Watch my journey and feel free to ask questions along the way !

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