Saturday, May 9, 2015

Individual Training and Nutrition Programs

Training Programs

$75 per training program 

If you are already and ADVANCED lifter and just need help with programming this is the perfect solution for you ! I create and detail training plans for all different types training situations.

Plans for the following can be detailed to you:

-Body part split training for a globo gym : 5,4,3- day split; Upper/Lower; Total body

-Metabolic Conditioning HIIT training

-Cross Fit WODS

-Mixed workouts include both body part split plus cardio to enhance physique

-Total body programs for home based with minimal equipment

-Specialized programs for any sport or event needed

-Custom built plans

Nutritional Plans

$50 per nutritional plan with one 30 minute initial phone call 

Combining training with nutrition is the only way to see long lasting benefits in your physique. Training is only 70% with Diet consuming the other 20% and genetics with 10%. Learning how to EAT and FUEL your body will determine your physique and how fast your results will follow.

Nutritional plans include the following:

-one 30 minute initial phone consult

-Detailed meal plan set up based on macro nutritional breakdown for your goals

-Plans for dietary restrictions such as auto immune disorders, gluten free, soy free, vegetarian, etc.

-Exchange sheet included to add variety

-Grocery shopping list

-Meal prep planning and preparation

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