Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Find your inner MONSTER !

When we dig deep inside we find something that is beautiful and rare ! Its that little piece of you that is resilient and strong yet insecure and uneasy about decisions. Every once in a while that strength comes to the forefront of your life but as humans we tend to shy away from GREATNESS.... Think about that for a second.

Thinking .....Why don't I want to stand out ? Why don't I want to be "different" ? Why don't I want to be known for being successful? Is it fear of others opinions? Is it that you just don't want to emphasis put on you because it makes you look better than the other people you are surrounded by? 
Why NOT be the LEADER? WHY NOT ?
Don't let the fear of being great hold you back. I was asked a question that probed this though a while ago. Someone said WHY are you scared of being "different" ?? I responded with the statement, I fear greatness.,. Yes it is prideful but being at the top position is a SCARY place to be. You are a leader to influence others. You are a position of knowledge and more important a role model. There is more pressure at the top then there is in the middle.
That question made me realize that I would NEVER achieve greatness by holding back, That moment took all reason away, took all my barriers down, and helped me to embrace my "different"! 
I challenge you to dig deep and find your inner MONSTER ! Be DIFFERENT! Don't settle for fitting in!

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