Saturday, May 9, 2015

Competition Prep Coach

Competition OR Improvement Season Coach For Bikini and Figure Competitor

Maintenance (Off-Season) $150 per month
12 Week Contest Prep $200 per month  

Do you want to compete in Bikini or Figure competitions? I can offer you the training and nutrition necessary to accomplish this goal !

 The 12 Week competition prep program includes the following:

 -Detailed training program designed to fit the needs of the specific class you are competing in.

 -Detailed diet and nutrition program tailored to the dietary needs of the individual based on specific macro-nutrient breakdown.

 -Bi-weekly Skype or phone call for 30-45 minutes with a full update.

 -Bi-weekly opposite Skype weeks are FULL e-mails sent by the competitor along with progress pictures.

 -Competition Prep survival guide- What you need prior to the show ( picking a show, suit, jewelry, make-up, hair, etc.)

 -Day of competition full access with backstage assistance if local or Skype if out of local area -24/7 access in prep via e-mail, call, or text

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