Thursday, May 21, 2015

Become Resilient in your life !

Learning how to keep going when the going gets tough is a hard behavior to learn. Sometimes life does through curve balls like accidents, injuries, and illness and other times its emotional stress, motivation, and an overwhelming feeling of discouragement that can set your fitness goals on the back burner!
RESILIENCE... this one word alone is KEY to success in every aspect of your life ! What is resilience you might ask yourself??
Resilience can encompass the emotional and physical stamina to get through a patch of rough weeks or bounce back from illness or injury. Resilience can mean the fortitude to deal with and even grow among the changes and set backs life can throw at you.
I say this time and time again, not every day is a good day. Not every step leads you forward. Each day has ROSES (highs) and THORNS (lows). We all pick ourselves up at some point, and some days we let ourselves stay “down” a little longer than others. We feel what we need to feel. The pivotal point is recovering yourself and reengaging your life on renewed terms.
How can you develop resilience in your life ? Good solid health with all the basics in line is a great starting point. Sleep, diet, supplementation and movement all matter as much if not more when it comes to building resiliency. You need to FEEL good, PERFORM good, and RECOVER to be optimal in resiliency.
When life has major changes we can benefit from the richness of the hope for future opportunists brought on by change. Also important is the capacity to be purely in the moment, to release expectations, questions, and plans. Mindfulness, in addition to eliciting the body’s relaxation response, can play a key role in acceptance, a crucial process for living with challenging circumstances. Being mindful has many meaning and has different ways to achieve this goal. ome may practice yoga, Tai Chi, or other relation programs. Others might pray or immerse themselves in other meaningful ritual. Some might seek peace simply by spending time in the wild, letting their involuntary attention take over and letting go of everything but their awareness of the world in front of them. The main goal is to take comfort in releasing themselves to something larger than themselves and their struggles.
Having a solid support system in your life is essential to build resilience in your life. Having a close friendship has key influences on how you adapt to life in their later years. Overall, our close social connections can dampen the stress of our experiences by giving us a critical outlet for the myriad of emotions life evokes and providing perspective when we see them go through struggles of their own.
Resiliency isn’t a fixed capacity. It has changes and room for growth in all aspects of your life. You may find yourself resilient in one area and weak in another. We continually create and recreate our resilience by investing in our engagement with life and others. Our daily practices and connections over time deepen our resilience.
Today practice being more mindful in your daily life. Choose to embrace small changes and to live your live knowing there is uncertainty that can lead to great things !

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