Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Basic 1 on 1 Healthy Eating and Nutrition Consultation

Basic 1 on 1 Healthy Eating and Nutrition Consultation 

*2 one hour online Skype or Face to Face consultation
The basic 1 on 1 healthy eating and nutrition consultation includes two 1 hour consults via Skype or face to face (local residents). This consultation is designed to go over in detail your daily nutritional habits along with recommendations of nutritional choices to highlight overall goals of each individual. A food journal will be kept for 1 week prior to the 1 hour consult along with a list of goals to achieve.

The 1 hour consult will include the following but are not limited to the topics listed below:

-Food journal review in detail

-Caloric needs assessment for current and goal weight

-Overview of basic nutritional concepts and macro-nutrient breakdown

-Evaluation of current caloric intake along with recommendations to enhance results based on goals

-Food exchange list will be provided  to ensure variety and adaptability for the client 

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