Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Do you have the right mindset when you are trying to achieve your goals? The psychological aspect of becoming the best version of yourself is oftentimes ignored, but having the right mindset is vital to achieving success.

You need to embrace the journey. COMMIT to 100% effort in all areas that are needed to succeed. If you are only half committed you are limiting your potential for growth and improvements, Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle is a journey with many bumpy roads and paths. You WILL fall of the wagon. Your progress will stall but you need to keep with it! You have to commit to continual, gradual progress even when it seems like things have come to a standstill.

Please set goals that are realistic and attainable. Far too often people set goals that are TOO big to accomplish is a short amount of time. You need to be honest with yourself and what you want to achieve with the work and time you have to get there.
When it comes to losing fat and building lean mass, things happen slowly. Although you should set your standards high, you should be realistic – try to lose 1 lb. of fat a week, not 10 lbs.

Take the good days and the bad. Not every day is a 100% kind of day. There might be days that feel amazing and your unstoppable. CHERISH those days. However, you might also find days that seem like an utter struggle to accomplish. Don't take them personally. DO YOUR BEST for that day at that time!

Be HONEST with yourself. If you are trying to have a healthier approach to life, you need to be honest. Sure, we all know that when we tell our trainers what we "eat" during the day, we tend to eliminate the things we feel they would be disappointed about. Like that donut you ate in the office or that cake at a retirement party. My favorite are the cans of energy drinks, specialty coffee's and candy bars that somehow are "forgotten" on the food log. But you know what that is ok. Change is hard. Changing ONE thing is hard let alone ALL things. So don't get frustrated but just be honest. When you find the root of the stress you can attack the issue!!
It is hard sometimes to feel worthy of change. We get caught up in a rut that tends to hold you towards the comfort zone. All you need is to find the power to break that and over come the challenges and struggle that you might feel. It takes 24 days to break a habit. THAT'S ALL ! If you can commit to 24 days I promise you that you will see that YOU CAN DO IT ! In all areas of our lives we have those triggers or downfalls that tend to leave us stuck due to fear of the "what if" ? I have done this before so I know how it feels. FORGET that what if and start believing you CAN !
It might be hard. It might be uncomfortable but it will be worth it !!!

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