Tuesday, April 14, 2015

When does that ENERGY SLUMP HIT ???

It's that pesky hour that seems to just sneak up on you every day. You know that feeling when you are falling asleep standing up and nothing can shake it?? I hit that everyday around 1 pm. Because my lifestyle is demanding, I am up at 2:30 am everyday to get up to train. Training is my love and passion. Then as a trainer I am constantly running around being a motivating force for other people, which can become tiring,, But I have a secret !!! I use the BEST supplement there is out there that is safe and effective !! 

Spark !!! 

So many people who are tired are reaching for products that are FULL of sugar, chemicals and substitutes that just create havoc on your body!! Yes in the beginning you will feel a rush of energy but then all of a sudden ....boom......the crash!

Advocare Spark offers so many benefits to the person who drinks it. This energy drink from Advocare provides several key benefits which no other energy giving beverages can offer. Advocare Slam is also an energy drink that makes things easier to accomplish.  Now here are the main benefits received once you consume Advocare Spark with you:

Enhances mental focus and energy
When you are working, you fail to eat at the right time to nourish your body or you might skip it all together. When this happens, the body loses the energy and it will lead to inattentiveness.  This now puts your job into an ineffective state and makes life a little bit harder. Energy drinks such as Advocare Slam or Advocare Spark make you get new energy instantly.
Support for a long lasting energy
Generally, the main purpose  people have energy drinks  is because they need to maintain their energy for longer period of time. Advocare Spark will surely provide a support for long lasting energy in the body. The vitamins Spark contains will keep you alert longer and help to sustain your energy through those long hours during the day. Utilize the energy to be more productive throughout the day.
Fights occasional drowsiness
Advocare is made from safe, effective and quality ingredients that are proven to work. Advocare Slam is a condensed form of the Spark which contains BCAA and natural energy vitamins like B-12 that help fight occasional drowsiness while on work.  Drowsiness is the common problem experienced by most people especially if they are working on a night shift or working very long hours that require a lot of moment and effort such as a nurse. 
With 21 vitamins, nutrients and minerals 
Advocare Spark contains more than 20 vitamins, nutrients and minerals that synergistically work together to provide a balanced, effective and healthy energy source. The all-in-one solution makes this product more amazing. These vitamins and minerals are also coming from its refreshing flavors such as pink lemonade, grapes, mandarin orange, citrus, cherry, mango strawberry and fruit punch.
Its only 45 calories and sugar free which beats any specialty coffee out there that is loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners !! 
Advocare Spark Energy Drink is also a drink mix that is sugar free and with only 45 calories. Too much sugar content from a food source can lead to other health problem. Thus, there should always be enough supply of sugar content in a person’s body.
Advocare Spark Energy Drink is the best choice for healthy body. Energy drinks have common general functions in the body but Advocare Spark makes a difference. The benefit itself received from this product is exceptional and no other energy drinks can do the same thing.

Try one of the energy drinks from Advocare at www.bodbyburda.com and you will definitely experience great changes in your body.

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