Sunday, April 12, 2015

No Days Off !!

In living a healthy lifestyle, there is nothing better than getting up early and hitting a workout. No matter what kind of day I am having, starting it off with an amazing butt kicking workout is usually the ticket to make me feel better !!!

Since I am all about functional training along with bodybuilding, I LOVE doing little circuits that combine the two elements together. Fitness is ever changing and evolving, so your training needs to do the same in order for you to adapt!

I put together this 40 minute workout to get in a quick energy burst while working through weight training. Remember that when you are performing a circuit, be sure to use weights that your FORM is always in good function. Don't compromise form for speed !!! Always watch yourself in the mirror and have a great time,

One thing I learned is that you need to make sure you try something EACH day that presents a challenge to you. For me my challenge is ALWAYS getting better at burpees in speed and function. I know the necessary EVIL but a great workout !

Try this one out today or sometime this week !

3 Rounds for time
-10 Kettlebell swings
-10 squat to good morning combo 

-10 man makers without the pushup
-20 ab mat sit ups

then rest 2 minutes

3 Rounds for time
-10 deadlifts
-10 bicep curls
-10 arnold presses with dumbbells
-10 over the bar burpee
-10 weighted squats
-10 hang leg raises

Go out there and enjoy the day !!

talk to you all soon ! Train hard and ENJOY life to the fullest  !!

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