Thursday, April 23, 2015

How to CHOOSE a GREAT personal trainer !

I LOVE my job. I LOVE inspiring people to see how POWERFUL they are and how much they are CAPABLE of doing. Being a personal trainer is extremely rewarding and a beautiful experience that I would never trade in for anything.
Being a trainer also has many other qualities that you need to have in order to make sure things are being completed efficiently !
Here are 6 qualities to keep in mind as a personal trainer or when searching for one:
-Be Professional
Many of my current and past clients work with me because they studied how I trained other individuals before they decided to work with me AND they researched my background in training. Training others is one of the best ways to “sell yourself” as a trainer.Sometimes that is a good thing but other times it may seem intimidating. BUT don't forget EVERY person is different and a good trainer will modify and adapt every session to fit your specific needs !
-Being Present In Moment
You need to be focused in the training session that is taking place. It goes without saying that you should pay attention to your clients for form and corrections. Be invested and do your job by analyzing exercise form and stating cues when necessary.
- Setting Realistic Expectations
I love seeing clients complete a task they thought they "couldn't" accomplish. Or try a new move and the light bulb moment goes off and they overcame feats they never thought possible. But, it is a gradual build to that point. Once my clients demonstrated a certain amount of strength and stamina, I can begin pushing the envelope in a safe manner and show them what they are capable of completing. Learning how to perform movements safe and effectively will only lead to more confidence and better results over time !
-Practice What You Preach
I would never ask my client to do something I couldn’t do or haven’t tried. I’m speaking from a technique standpoint here. If I wasn’t confident in my ability to teach and perform kettlebell exercises or lifts like squats and dead lifts, I would never ask my clients to do them! I always do a "test" run of the workouts I am about to complete with clients or try different moves with clients of various abilities to see what needs to be modified or worked on in the future !! Don't worry I suffer just as much as you do !
-You Want a Pusher
Each day walking into the gym is a new day. No matter what happened during the day leave it behind and do whatever 100% may look like on any given day. That is all I ask from my clients during a session: work hard. Don’t waste my time, and I surely won’t waste yours. You are there to WORKOUT and if your head isn't in it then you are not giving yourself or your trainer the commitment you deserve to have!
-Be a Mentor
A trainer is paid for the time he/she is training a client in that session. However, training and coaching is a more than just that weekly session. I choose to go over and beyond with clients to share texts, helpful articles, useful techniques, and motivating messages throughout the week. Not to mention food check ins and training plans. I don’t spend an inordinate amount of time on it, but if something reminds me of a client or is a resource they could benefit from, I like sharing it.
These are great tips to keep in mind when you are looking for a trainer and most importantly you need to be compatible and work as a team !

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