Saturday, April 11, 2015

FITNESS.... But I just don't fit !

Hey I am taking a new turn on this blog ! I want to share information about health, fitness, food, wellness and overall well-being BUT I also want you to know me as well. For a while I decided to hide in the background and just let my information take over the blog so that YOU have an amazing resource of fun and interesting topics to read about... RIGHT NOW I am taking a leap of faith and LOTS OF BIG THINGS ARE UNFOLDING and I want you all to be a part of this amazing journey!

I don't want to over load you with crazy details so we will just start HERE !!!

I posted this to Instagram (@burda18) about how I feel like I don't fit into fitness. I know that might sound funny, not fitting into fitness how is that even possible but I LOVE all aspects of fitness that choosing to look or train a certain way is hard for me to do.

I LOVE bodybuilding on an aesthetics level. Learning to shape and mold your body into something is a beautiful and challenging experience. BUT it has major downfalls like body image problems, self doubt and always feeling like you need to uphold to a standard for someone else. I also LOVE CrossFIt and functional training. I THRIVE on competition. I love heavy lifting, pushing my body till it hurts and feeling spent after a workout. It's the push I crave. So where do I fit? Its hard to program them together to be successful at both but .... I CAN DO IT !

Over the next few months I want you along the journey. I am prepping for a Figure Competition in August and I am going to incorporate CrossFit into the mix. I want to just be the driving force behind an unstoppable being that I am and see how well I can Mix and Mold the two facets of fitness I love together !!!

I hope that you enjoy this journey. I will be posting ALL sorts of things so be sure to stay tuned !!!

have a beautiful day !!

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