Monday, April 27, 2015


Sometimes that luster for the gym seems to dwindle as the day goes on. Work runs late, your stressed out, its just not in the schedule for the day to "fit" it in. So you miss one day.. then another and before you know it you missed a month !!! How can you find time to make your workout happen?
Many people follow a routine. Routines are sometimes hard to break out of but necessary if you want to accomplish different goals. Many of you can find time to sit and watch your favorite tv show or spend hours on the computer but motivation to find time for the gym is just not there !
Exercise is full of health benefits but the idea of staying on track is a challenge for so many. It's a lot easier to make an excuse if you are not fully committed to the idea of making it work in your lifestyle. If you are facing this challenge, then keep reading because the topics below are easy ways to convince yourself to get motivated and get active !!
-Become a morning person. Losing weight or staying fit takes effort. It means you need to work out and SWEAT to achieve your desired goals. This simply will not happen if you choose to skip the gym all the time. Make yourself get up a little earlier and get to the gym before you can reconsider !! This way its DONE ! If you know me, nothing can stand in the way of my day once my workout is done and I do it EARLY for that reason!!! No excuses and nothing happened that can derail my training !
-Why focus on weight loss as your goal ? Change your mindset to something other than weight loss. Maybe chose a race to participate in or sign up for a competition. If your goals are FOR something you are more likely to stick with it. When you are focused on losing weight that becomes discouraging and you are more likely to give up ! Don't do that ! Make performance goals. Focusing on getting stronger, lifting more and doing things you enjoy for FUN !
-The best form of motivation... A BUDDY ! You are less likely to ditch out on a friend but you would ditch your own workout. Accountability is KEY to being consistent. Sometimes that is one reason people have trainers, to keep them accountable to show up. You need to find what works for you. Find a friend who can push you and you push them !!! Also remember that having a buddy doesn't mean its social hour. You need to use each other to push each other and create motivation between the both of you !!!
-It's ok to reward yourself for doing something good for your body! It might seem silly but if you set a goal, maybe hit the gym for 4 out of 7 days and then you can buy that purse you wanted makes an easy bargain for yourself. Or you can do the marble in a jar trick. Each time you workout or eat right you get to put a marble in a jar. Then rank the marbles with rewards. Small rewards then one BIG one when you reached your goal !!
Learning what works for you is KEY ! Find your motivation and get yourself healthy, fit and happy to thrive in life !!!

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