Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Earn your body NOT your FOOD !

You don't earn your FOOD in the gym, you earn your strength ! In our society, we are bombarded by so much media misconception that if you workout you "deserve" to treat yourself or splurge a little. This however is not the case. If you are simply going to the gym with the simple intentions to earn your food, what are you really working for? Are you in the gym thinking that if you do an extra set of this or more time doing cardio it will allow you to eat more? Let's find out why you should ditch this concept of earning your food in the gym.
If you want a sustainable lifestyle that will unlock your potential and supercharge your happiness, then you need to prioritize your mind: fuel your body to increase your performance, instead of increasing your performance in order to fuel your body.
First off when you are not STARVING, you are more productive in the gym and when lifting.Better to eat smartly and keep your body fueled. Now your mind can stay on the task in front of you. Who can concentrate when your stomach is rumbling and all you can think about is getting something to eat?
Food is FUEL, which is energy for your body to operate off of. I preach this over and over: Plan your day, plan your meals, and set yourself up for success, not failure. Be smart!
Be smart when making food choices. You are no longer a child and you have the basic knowledge to understand what foods are healthy and which are not. Food is not a treat for being good throughout the day by eating right and training. This is a tremendous feeling and completely freeing when you really think about it. If you have to propel yourself with the treat mentality just pick something else to eat or distract you from sabotaging your efforts. Try to use different treats like a new nail polish or magazine instead of food for comfort !
Don't feel guilty if you did fall off the wagon, just move on. I know that it's easier said than done sometimes but the event is now over and you can't UN-do what you already did so all you can really do is move forward and eat healthy the next meal ! Your last decision may have been poor, but this next one? It could be spot on. Make it so.
There are enough things in life that will beat you down and make you feel defeated. You can’t control everything and when they are out of control just let it be. BUT there are many things you CAN control so control what you can: your attitude. Set yourself up for success by adopting a mindset that will lead to success.
Each day make it a point to make smart, healthy choices. And if you happen to veer off your path just correct your course, and get back on the right one without delay. Don’t earn your food in the gym. Perform in the gym. Fuel your body for life, and go kick some butt lifting heavy and building strength !!

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