Monday, April 20, 2015


Commit to Fit !!! 
I am starting my monthly COMMIT TO FIT program ! I am a health and wellness advocate an I am truly looking to change the lives of people. Who wouldn't want to feel energized, look amazing, and have their bodies performing at an optimum level you never thought was possible ? Well please take the time to join me in your journey to health and overall wellness !!

This will be an awesome opportunity to get connected to some amazing people who are also wanting to improve their health and establish healthy everyday habits! This  program is created for all who wish to participate! So if you are someone who needs accountability and/or competition to maintain motivation- let me surround you with those people!!
In my COMMIT TO FIT program there are some special things that I want you to know about ! First we are starting the 24 day AdvoCare challenge !! I am so very excited about this because IT WORKS ! I know many people think that it's too good to be true to lose weight in 24 days but guess what ... YOU CAN and YOU WILL ! Follow the journey like so many before you who have detoxed their bodies WITHOUT starvation, put quality supplements in and retrained their bodies to LOVE healthy nutritious foods !!!  This program can be found at (note: bod not body)
I HIGHLY recommend using AdvoCare products because I KNOW they work and will get you those amazing results you're looking for before summer! This is a WORLDWIDE event !!! I would be more than happy to work with you via phone calls, Skype and emails to help hold you accountable and work through these exciting new lifestyle habits we will all be implementing in your daily routine!
This program works at a steady and safe pace in order to not overwhelm your body. We will be challenging each other and competing- but most importantly, we will build relationships with each other in order to be able to hold each other accountable as friends.

If this is something you are interested in, want more information on, or are ready to get registered, message me and let me help you get started on this awesome journey to health and fitness!

Contact me at : and place in the subject 24 day challenge and I will get you started ASAP !

Your health is important so WHY WAIT ! Either you can fix habits now or pay for it  later when it might be too late to fix !! 


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