Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Build a STRONG and SEXY BACK !

As a trainer, I see people with ONE major issue that I want to address in terms of training. You need to be very aware that you should be training this body part AT LEAST once a week and doing accessory work to help correct that "humpback" that people get.. Hopefully by now you know what muscle group I am hinting upon... YOU BACK !
Back training is SUPER important. Not only is it one of your largest body parts, but it is important for posture, core strength and to tie everything together. Just because you don't SEE it often does not mean you don't train in, In fact you should train it harder because it is probably neglected in training.
Having a back that turns heads is awesome, and I am going to help you get one! Keep in mind that it’s important to perform a mix of vertical pulling movements for example pull-ups and chin-ups that are assisted. Combined with horizontal pulling movements such as a dumbbell row or seated rows for a well-rounded program.
I am going to give you 5 killer back exercises that you can add to your program !
1. Pull ups or chin ups
-There’s no disputing that when it comes to building a killer back, pull-up and chin-up variations are where it’s at. You can start by using an assisted pull up machine and practice doing 3 sets of 12 reps. This will help you to build the strength to do one on your own. Technique is VERY important. Make sure you are pulling in a straight vertical line, pulling the elbows down towards the floor making a "W" shape. Pull using your back and not relying on your biceps !!
2. Deadlifts
-Sometimes more programmed in a leg day workout but more importantly used for lower back training. They build incredible strength and muscle in your upper and lower back.When deadlifting, instead of picking the weight up, think about pulling it back. This will keep your weight on your heels, engage your hamstrings and glutes more, and the bar is less likely to drift away from you. Always use a weight that is lighter than you might first start off with so you get form first !
3.Inverted Rows
-This movement is one of the few horizontal rowing variations where you are manipulating your own body weight, plus it’s a completely scale-able exercise that’s good for beginners all the way through to very advanced lifters. You can set it up using a smith machine by placing the bar on a lower stop point about knee height. You place yourself under it, driving your hips towards the ceiling. The farther you place your legs away from you the harder it is going to be. In one plank like motion you pull your chest to the bar. You can use an under or over hand grip.Make sure you’re not shrugging with your upper traps or pulling your elbows too far past your shoulders when performing this exercise. The name of the game is scapular retraction and depression
See the video here :

4.One arm dumbbell row
-It looks simple, but it’s rarely performed properly. When performed properly, it’s fantastic for building muscle and strength in the upper back, namely your lats, rhomboids, and lower traps, and you’ll get some fantastic anti-rotation core training from this exercise as well.You’re much better off starting with a lighter weight and practicing your form on this exercise than starting too heavy, as this exercise is very easy to perform incorrectly. You want to place one knee on a bench and the opposite arm will be holding the weight. You pull the elbow up to the ceiling keeping it tight to your body.
5. Face pulls
-This is a great exercise for the rear delts and upper back. You can perform this on on cable machine with a rope attachment. You want to set the cable just above head height and your starting position should be 3 steps backwards with one foot braced behind you for stability. Make sure you keep your ribs down and your core braced while you pull your shoulder blades together and SQUEEZE hard. You want the movement coming from your shoulder blades gliding over your ribcage and not from your back hyperextending and your ribs flaring.
So there you have it. My top 5 Exercises For a Killer Back! What do you think about these? Love ‘em? Hate ‘em? Try them and tell me what are your favorites?

Workout TIME!!
Let's put this into practice
-Pull ups 3x12
-Lat pulldown wide grip 3x12
-1 arm dumbbell row 3x12 / arm
-Face pulls 3x12
Superset with seated cable row 3x12
-Deadlift 3x12
superset with inverted row on smith machine 3x12
*Super set means move from one exercise to the next with no rest and rest after each was completed !!!

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