Saturday, April 18, 2015

3 quick fat burning tips !

Fat Loss Tip #1 – Do you cardio after your weight training
Your best bet for staying on top of the fat-loss game is to know when to do your cardio work. The best time to do your cardio is after your weight training workout. If you do cardio before your weight training you will use up your glycogen stores necessary to fuel your weight training. This could hinder your lean muscle mass. Simply by doing your cardio exercise after your weight training session, you will burn up to 80% more fat, AND keep your lean muscle tissue.

Fat Loss Tip #2 – Count your calories
No doubt, if you want to burn fat you have to count your calories. Top-level figure competitors use up more calories than they take in to get a lean body to dominate the figure stage. To start dropping fat right now, start with a caloric intake of your body weight x 10. Give that process a 1-2 week trial and tweak your diet from there. You can keep your hunger satisfied by eating 3 small meals and 3 small snacks a day, ensuring the total caloric intake meets your daily needs for your fat-loss goal.

Fat Loss Tip #3 – Swop out your carbs for veggies. Carbs provide fuel and energy for weight training and cardio, but veggies give you fat burning power. To drop body fat quickly, figure competitors exchange their potatoes, oats, and brown rice for green beans, broccoli, asparagus, and other non-starchy choices. This small dietary tweak can make a big difference in your physique in just a few days.

Fat Loss Tip #4 – Use quality Supplements.
Be sure to ALWAYS maintain a healthy diet and think of FOOD AS FUEL ! Eating a healthy lifestyle is NOT about depriving your body, it's about enhancing and nourishing it with good solid nutrition ! You can't ALWAYS fill in the gaps with food which is why I use the best quality and safest supplements there are out there! I use AdvoCare and I will stand behind it 100% everyday. My body, mind, digestion, and thrive to push has come from putting great products into my routine. If you can't recover efficiently, you are not going to see the results you are looking for!

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