Monday, March 30, 2015

Weight loss Myths !!

Right about now we are all in that "bikini" mode, getting excited for the summer that is nearing and ready for vacation and summer dresses.. But are you now in panic mode because you slacked off your nutrition and workouts the past few months?

This happens to many people. You set a New Year's Resolution goal to lose weight or get healthy by working out and somehow "life" gets in the way. Now is the time to start challenging your schedule and fit in time for YOU! Set some time aside for yourself, for working out, and for eating right. You deserve to be happy and healthy!!!

One of the biggest mistakes that happens so often is people want the "quick fix". It would be nice if we had a magic pill that made all the problem places go away and enhance your physique without doing much. But that is not the case and there isn't anything like that out there or we would all have it. Another common mistake is people go on these crazy restrictive diets!! Please save your body and mind the starvation and eat healthy while working out.

There are some common misconceptions when it comes to weight loss that I would like to clear up a little ! Yes there are SO many theories out there and many different protocols like IIFYM, 3 square meals, Intermittent fasting (IF), 6 meals a day and so many more. So many people who ate well BEFORE a diet tend to have a hard time with food after ending a diet because of the labels you create around "healthy" and "non healthy" foods. After going on a diet, the restriction tends to spark a restrict/ binge cycle with food, and many people end up gaining weight from their "diet" and feeling worse about their bodies than before they engaged in the initial diet. And this is how "yo-yo" dieting starts.

Myth 1: Eating too much causes you to gain weight so just eat less.
-Sometimes you do not lose weight because you are actually eating too little! Eating too little in calories can have a similar effect to eating too much. Your body needs to have something to run on or it will tap into muscles for fuel. Not eating enough actually slows the metabolism and prevents you from losing weight. The problem is the media represents all these "fad" diets and they tell you to eat 1200-1500 calories a day which is NOT enough for your body to be efficient and function optimally. Everyone should be eating a minimum of 1700 calories per day, no matter what your weight is and if you workout you need to add more calories in !

Myth 2: You need enough will power to reach your goal weight.
-This has been proven incorrect. Research shows that willpower, is just like a muscle and it will fatigue and burn out. Relying on willpower alone to help you lose weight will not work. If your meal plan is not balanced and provides satiation, eventually you will not be able to stand being hungry and deprived anymore. This is where you go off and binge because you have been deprived for so long your body is looking for fuel. When this happens you tend to start gaining back the weight that you lost. This is the single most reason why 99% of people “fail” on their diets. Strict diets simply do not provide enough balance and satisfaction for a normal person in everyday life. This is also why I never give people diets and I preach lifestyle eating. Diets with limitations are harmful and cause deprivation and rebound binging. You need to eat balanced meals and learn to eat when you are hungry and stop when full.

Myth 3: You will feel happy when you reach your ideal weight.
-So many people think that they will be happy when they lose weight but guess what .... chances are you won't be. You are only going to want to push more, lose more and the cycle doesn't end. No matter what your outside appearance is you are still YOU on the inside and having the outer body does not change that. If you feel insecure and you lose 20 pounds, you will still feel insecure just in a body that is a little bit smaller. If you want to feel better work on strengthening all of the things you think will be different when you lose weight. And start working on them now, in the body you currently have. Learn to love all aspects of the journey. There are going to be GREAT days and then days that fell defeating. You need to learn how to be happy, confident and comfortable in ALL areas of the journey.

I will be the first one to admit all of these myths I have been a victim of. I have restricted calories to try to lose weight, then I used will power as a source of action to feel in control of my weight loss. I too fell into the trap of wanting to be a certain size to feel more confident and guess what ? When I reached that size I was still insecure and not confident. I am learning through all of this that you need to be doing this for YOU not for anyone else. You are beautiful at ALL moments of insecurity and deserve to live a happy life.

We all need to learn to intuitively listen to our bodies and nourish them with food. We also need to stop putting labels on foods as good or bad and just eat according to how you feel. If you really listen to your body and hunger, it tells you what it wants and needs. Love the journey, its a process and you will need to take time to let yourself love who you are TODAY !

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