Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mud Run Vs Obstacle Races !!! Which is which ??

With all the hype created around fun runs, 5k themed races and the new mud runs and obstacle course races but there are some big differences between them all !!!

You hear people talk about completing a mud run or obstacle course race and you might think well aren't they the same thing?? Both of these events will have you crawling, climbing, jumping and possibly facing a few fears along the way. Not to mention scaling walls, sliding down slide or using the monkey bars over a pit of water!! Both races have you covering a running distance of anywhere from a 5K to a marathon and sometimes even longer distances on trails ! However, there are a few characteristics that make a mud run and obstacle course race different.
So here are some ways to decipher the two !

Mud Run!
-Mud Runs are mostly non-competitive events. There may be a clock running, but the even is not timed.
-No prizes are given to the fastest runners which makes Mud Runs a great introduction for those worried about competition.
-Costumes are encouraged!
-Mud Runs have a team building type obstacle. The most common one is the Everest. Everest looks like a skateboard quarter pipe. It requires help from another participant to get over the edge. Another team obstacle is the ten-foot climbing wall.

Obstacle Races!
- The number one way to know you are at an obstacle course race is you are handed a timing chip at packet pick-up. Your finishing time is recorded, and results are posted after the event.
-Obstacle Course Racing normally sets aside one or two heats a day that are competitive, and those heats’ participants race for prizes and, sometimes, money. Make sure you sign up for the right one to fit your ability.

-There are penalties for missed obstacles. If you try an obstacle and fail, you could be penalized with a workout, time or something else before continuing on with the race.
No matter which you sign up for you are going to have an amazing time! Remember it's all about the experience that you are having as well as having FUN ! The important part is to know what type of event you are headed to before you show up on race day. There is nothing worse than thinking you are headed to Mud Run for a little fun with friends only to find you have actually signed up for a competitive race.

Now lets get in a workout to get you ready for any of these races !!!

25 minute AMRAP
-400 meter run
-20 ball slams or thrusters with dumbbells or a bar
-15 wall balls
-10/leg jump lunges
-5 man makers
Have fun !!

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