Thursday, March 5, 2015

How long is LONG enough? Plus a BONUS WORKOUT !

So how long should a typical workout be? With a 4 minute Tabata that is claiming to be the quickest workout ever to people who grind it out for hours everyday, how long is long enough? You might wonder how people find hours on end to workout (or are they just saying that ?) or how long it should take to get the work done! So let's get down to it!!

- A typical lifting routine in terms of one or two body parts should take approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Rest periods should be no longer than 1 minute between sets and 1:30 seconds between different exercises.

The reason behind this this simple: your testosterone levels will peak at 45 minutes (yes ladies, we have test levels too). At the 45 minute mark you will have reached your maximum growth potential. Anabolic activity also peaks at this time as does muscle glycogen. Your muscles can only expand and stay expanded for so long before they start to deflate. This means there will be a decrease in muscle size and strength and growth is limited.
The 45 minutes to complete a workout is meant to be focused and working, not talking to others or just "resting" for long periods of time. 45 minutes of hard dedicated work is what will yield results in good time! That is why it's so important to have a PLAN when you go into the gym because you are a time crunch if you care about actually getting all the benefits from your weight training session.
After 45 minutes, your body will start releasing less and less testosterone and your body will go into a catabolic state after 60-90 minutes. At this point your body needs fuel, so your body will resort to what it needs and it will start to consume your muscle. Not the ideal when trying to BUILD muscle. This is why you probably see people in the gym all the time who never look like they have made progress. However a lot of other factors can come into play like diet or lack of intensity.
Now lets talk about cardio and how long that should be done. In an ideal state, cardio should be done at a separate time than your weight training. But, due to the fact we don't all have time to split it up, weight training FIRST then cardio for 20-30 minutes post workout is the way you want to go for maximum benefits. You might wonder if order is important, it is! When you weight train, you are using your muscles when they are in peak and prime working condition not in a fatigued state. If you perform cardio first, you are taking away from the amazing gains you can have because you are fatiguing your muscles prior to weight training.

As always, make sure you eat within 30 minutes after you lift so you don't go catabolic. Try to drink a protein shake post workout and a full meal within one full hour to restore your glycogen levels and maintain your lean muscle mass.

Now lets get those muscle moving with this workout!

Here is a perfect workout that you can do at home or anywhere with just a set of dumbbells !!
- Forward lunges with Lateral raises x 10/ leg
-Squat jumps x20
-Hand release pushup with knee in x 10/ leg
-Burpees with star jump x10
-Walking lunges with bicep curls x10/leg
-Jumping jacks x 50 reps
-Plank rows with t-roll x 10 total
-seated Russian twists with weights 30 total
Have an amazing day !!!

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