Saturday, March 28, 2015

Embrace the Fitness Lifestyle !!

Recently more women are embracing fitness, muscle, and embracing their health. This has led to an increasingly number of high caliber athletes in ALL types of sports. However, as amazing as it is that more women are becoming involved, there is still a stigma held over women that we are delicate beings. There are some misconceptions about females that sometimes lead you astray from really challenging yourself to embrace the beauty of being strong and fit.
I am going to tear down these boundaries one by one and really show the powerful tiger that lives deep down inside each and every one of us !!!

Being Strong is BEAUTIFUL ! Being Healthy is BEAUTIFUL! Classifying our body types.... that's one thing that needs to GO !

-People make comments like : "Her legs are thick", "She's too muscular", "She has no butt", or "Her body looks bulky".....yea the list can go on and on! Comments like these are a good clue as to why so many women suffer from body image problems and low self esteem. It's hard to feel confident if you are constantly surrounded by negative comments made by others. The next time you want to or hear someone make a comment about a girl for being too muscular and looking like a "dude" or something similar don't just sit back and accept this form of thinking. We ALL work hard in the gym to better our bodies, outside the gym to eat healthy and create balance overall to be better people.
Now THAT is beautiful.

Just because we sweat a lot, wear workout gear like its our wardrobe and lift heavy doesn't mean we don't like lipstick and heels too!
-Sure we run, lift, sweat and lift heavy things BUT we still like looking pretty! I think it's funny how people don't realize that even though we LOVE working out and getting ourselves fit, each and every one of us has a girly side. Sometimes, those girls at the gym that you see with make up you automatically think that they are "stuck up" but in reality, maybe that makes them feel better overall!!

Your weight might fluctuate day by day and you might feel like your body is doubling in size right in front of your eyes!
-Striking the balance between eating enough but not too much is NOT easy. Some girls feel like they can gain weight just looking at a piece of pizza and some girls can finish off a box of Krispy Kremes on their own and not gain a single ounce. Not fair I know but it's the reality of things. So what if your legs are bigger than the girl next to you, you are beautiful just the way you are !!!
Going to bed before 10 pm is completely OK !
-Have you ever tried to workout hard while running on four hours of sleep? It’s like trying to pull a truck by a string of dental floss. Your body needs rest and recovery. Many people get irritated when you pass on going to dinner or going to a party but please understand tomorrow morning we will be at the gym and you might be a little hung over. So what if I am like a grandmom?? I love my training and I love my body enough to treat it right!

Yes it's important to watch what you eat as a fit girl but don't you worry we can probably polish of a plate full of food as well !
-Any athlete with half a brainstem knows that success in the sport is impossible without major skills in the kitchen. On that note, don’t be surprised when you see us hit up an all-you-can-eat buffet and go back for seconds. Our bodies need a lot of fuel. Iceberg lettuce and a little bit of carbs just won't cut it ! Some of us want heaping piles of tasty vegetables, burgers, sandwiches, tons of healthy carbs and fat and occasionally cake, pie and fries. We need food to fuel our bodies to keep strong and lift heavy !!!

Sometimes we get angry, frustrated, jealous and insecure of others .. its ok !!! We’re human.
-We already feel like we’re being compared. Whether we admit it or not, we do not take kindly to not doing well in something. When you are working out and you see others in the gym who might see "more" than you, stop yourself right there !!! Jealousy is a nasty thing and we don't need to feel that way. You are amazing just as you are today. Just remember that someone always has to come in first and it just gives you an opportunity to better yourself.

Everyday might not be a 100% day !!
-More than often I have to really TRY to get into the mood at the gym and some days you are really going to have to push hard! We have high expectations for ourselves and when we feel we’ve fallen short, we don’t feel good about ourselves. I know that some days I have to really challenge my mind and body to bring my intensity into the gym. We as women tend to have moments of defeat but hey that's life !! Just because you didn't have a great day today doesn't mean that tomorrow won't be better !! Always find a way to make it fun and interesting when you are having a low day!

We are not obsessed we are dedicated .. don't confuse the two!
-Working out, eating right, and trying to have a great life is not being obsessed, its about being dedicated to living a long life ! You need to take care of your body right now instead of waiting until you NEED to take care of yourself because by then it's too late !!
Make sure that you do not let society rule your thoughts on how you should look or what is ideal as a female body. You are beautiful and amazing just as you are in this moment at this time. Imperfection is beautiful !

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