Thursday, March 5, 2015

Don't Make thses Mistakes !!

-Taking what you see on TV and the gimmicks that is proposes are widely used as marketing tricks. Due to the reason that many women want to find the best, newest and greatest way to lose weight. Programs that show people eating pizza, cookies, and sweets while losing weight, is very counter productive when it comes to adopting those strategies into real life circumstances. Many of those programs are designed for a short amount of time, you get results quick because they cut out calories, carbohydrate and food groups. And since these programs hardly advocate for weight training, once you start to eat "normal" again you might even end up gaining weight!
-Programs with point systems or premeasured foods keep women in the dark about permanent change, and by setting them up for weight fluctuations and long term failure, they increase the odds that former customers will come right back whenever they want a quick fix in weight loss. Sadly, any program that allows you to eat pre-packaged foods or use a crazy point system will create habits over time that don't allow you to learn how to eat which then has a 97% failure rate post program. A solution to this would be to become educated on nutrition and training and utilize them for your own benefit and see lasting results that may take time !!
-Many companies are now trying to make everything "healthy". Problem is that many foods that have the words "healthy" or "weight loss" may not be as healthy as you may think !!! When health conscious women hear that they need more protein or fiber, many will choose fortified / processed foods. More often than not, these fake health foods are appetite-inducing sugar bombs.
-What many women don't realize is that sugar is listed under a ton of different names and they all do about the same thing in the body, even earthy sounding ones like coconut crystals and organic agave nectar syrup. Likewise, fat free, sugar free, high fiber, organic, and gluten-free foods can still make you fat.
-Some of the biggest offenders are: Ensure, Boost, Slim Fast, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Special-K protein shakes and protein cereal, Kashi cereals and cookies, Kind Bars, Fiber One "protein" bars: These are the most insidious forms of junk food because they masquerade as nutritious.And because these products appear healthy, they're easier to rationalize eating in excess. These foods only lead to excess hunger because they are not as satisfying to your body as whole foods that are not processed !
-Women who seem to ALWAYS be on a diet usually are the ones not really seeing the results they are after. WHY is this you might ask? Most women who continually make fat loss a priority don't realize that they'd become more efficient at burning fat if they simply had more muscle. Eating to weigh less will make women smaller, which will require them to eat less in order to stay smaller. Muscle is lost, metabolism is sluggish, calories have to be lowered again and again, and the downward spiral eventually spirals out of control.Most fat loss strategies work at first, but then the body adapts, plateaus, and regresses as muscle is catabolized. This is bad especially in the midst of lots of strenuous exercise, because a loss of muscle just leads to a skinny-fat body and a handicapped metabolism.
-Late night eating happens to all of us. If you tend to eat lighter meals all day, no wonder you are hungry at night. This is your body telling you IT NEEDS FOOD ! Those hours of lacking nutrition can lead to elevated cortisol for lengthy periods of time. This combo of high cortisol, exhaustion from an insufficiently fueled day, and any other incidental emotions become a trigger for late night food feasts.If you choose to eat substantially during earlier meals and fueled up appropriately for workouts they wouldn't struggle so much with nighttime cravings and second helpings of dinner or dessert.
-Carbohydrates are NOT the enemey! The problem with low carb plans is that many weight-training females eventually get fatter while sticking to them. Athletic ladies who eliminate starches tend to have an insatiable appetite for fat. This happens because their need for carbs isn't being met.Then the yearning for excessive fat-filled, calorie-dense foods comes into play. These high fat foods, healthy as they may be, aren't as effective as carbs at doing all the things their weight-trained bodies require.The more muscle a body has, the greater its capacity for storing carbs as glycogen. And when you deplete your muscle glycogen, your just draining their muscles of usable energy and water.
Take this advice and use it to make smart decisions. Remember that what people SAY vs what people DO to lose weight or follow the "newest" trend is not always the best or right way to do it. Staying consistent over time with good solid nutrition is the way to go !

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