Tuesday, March 31, 2015


    Why is it that when you look at magazines you see ALL kinds of titles that "shrink", "eat less", and "look smaller"?? Why is that woman focus on LESS of and not MORE of ?
    I am not a fan of being "less" I am all for being MORE! More beautiful, more healthy, more fit, and get MORE out of life! Sure there was a time that I did want to eat less, shrink a little here, and maybe just blend into the "ideals" society puts on women. NOT ANY MORE !!!
    Who really wants to be ORDINARY ? The problem with society thinking "less" is more has it all wrong. Did you ever start a weight loss program soon to see it doesn't work and then it makes you feel like a failure, which drives you out to seek another trick that might work. But going day after day constantly striving for “less” is exhausting, frustrating, and definitely not fun. That’s why it’s time to choose to be MORE, and stop looking for ways to be less.
    No matter what, if you want to lose weight, improve your health or just feel more confident... choosing to be MORE is the right first step to achieve this !

    First off stop trying to "diet" !
    -Forget about dieting and finding ways to trick yourself into eating less. Eating less is just as bad as eating too much. I always say stick to the basics of nutrition. Eat clean foods that are found in nature.These will ultimately turn into effortless, lifestyle habits that will remain LONG after a diet fad. Food is not to be feared and we don’t have to apologize for eating satisfying meals. Food is meant to be enjoyed, and nutrition is not complicated.

    Focus on GROWING !
    -Instead of looking for ways to constantly eat less and weigh less, let’s focus on building up and growing.
    For example:
    INCREASE your self-confidence
    Add MORE weight to the barbell
    INCREASE your physical (and mental!) strength
    GAIN a better body-image
    BUILD UP your stamina and energy levels
    ENHANCE your overall life

    Focus on performance and what your body CAN do!
    -Biggest setback with people trying to lose weight is they get caught up in the number on the scale instead of their performance. Choosing a performance based goal vs. a weight goal is a better way for you to focus on what your body is designed to do, LIFT HEAVY THINGS ! Weight training allows you to discover a lot about yourself. You learn your body in a different way and really appreciate what it can do and what it does do for your life !

    Stop making things so complicating !!
    -Why does it have to be complicating ? It's not, its actually simple. So many people want a special "diet" that they think is magic until you see it and your like... that's it? Yes it's as simple as eating foods in their NATURAL and UNPROCESSED state. If its not something that was grown, picked, or hunted and has multiple ingredients, its processed ! So if you stick to the basics no matter what you can't go wrong. Simple as that ! Eat more of the foods that make you feel good and give you energy. If you’re hungry, then eat. Stop eating when you’re satisfied, but not overly full.

    -Choose to avoid things that make you feel inferior or flawed! YOU yes YOU are beautiful just as you are today, tomorrow and everyday here after. No matter what size or shape you are, you are worthy and created like a masterpiece ! Don't let others tear you down. And more importantly DO NOT LET MEDIA make decisions for you! A real woman is whatever the hell you choose to be so embrace that ! Be YOU !
    It’s time we realize we are way, WAY more than how we look. It’s time to put the emphasis on the amazing things we can do and contribute to this world. There is more to life than trying to sculpt the perfect pair of glutes or pulling a triple bodyweight deadlift. Those goals are perfectly fine, but they should not consume us.

    Love yourself today! Don't wish for things but work for them and set realistic goals to accomplish them!

    You have ZERO limitations !
    -Just because you can't do something today doesn't mean you should stop trying to reach that goal. I always have my clients set a performance based goal. This can be doing one pullup in the next 2 months or learning how to do a proper squat! We all have something that we need to work on to grow and develop. I even have things that I need to work on and make goals for. Right now I am learning how to do an unassisted pistol squat. It does take time, practice, and patience. Banish those thoughts and barriers, follow a proven plan, focus on what you CAN do, and shatters those limitations. Chances are very high you’re stronger than you think.
    Forget try to make the numbers on the scale go down and focus on making your weights go UP

    -Forget about trying to weigh less and eat less. Focus on making other numbers go UP.
    -Try to add more weight to the bar or perform more reps than you did last time. These little challenges will enhance your performance and physique. Eventually you will be able to perform a more challenging exercise variation or increase intensity by pushing a little harder or adding in plyo-metrics. There are so many ways to do MORE !

    Who CARES what that other person thinks !
    -Life is too short to simply go about life attempting to please everyone. It can’t be done, and it may make us miserable in the process.
    -If someone is ignorant enough to say a hurtful comment about you or your body, learn to shrug it off. This is easier said than done, but you must practice it, and it will get easier. What other people think of our bodies does NOT matter, and I speak from personal experience. I’ve received many comments from people when training for shows from “You look like a man” to “You’re flat chested” and other derogatory statements. The first few times, these comments shocked me and I couldn't understand why people would say such things but I realized that it's my life, my body and my decision to do what I want!

    What other people think means absolutely nothing. I choose instead to keep being awesome and live a wonderful life.It’s not about trying to look like someone else or live like anyone else. Sure it's ok to have someone you look up to but not someone who you want to BE.
    Do not try to fit into the standards of society. Women don’t have the same desires, goals, bodies, personalities, or characteristics, so the only option is to be the best you possible.

    So I am leaving you with the challenge to be MORE !

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