Monday, March 16, 2015

Be just like an ANT ~!!

No more using working out as a way to control your eating. Exercise is not "Damage Control"! Think of this scenario :
You worked out hard at least a 4 times out of the week and you ate good 90% of the time, don't you think you deserve to just let loose? This mindset of "I worked out hard" or "I will just do EXTRA cardio tomorrow" are phrases I often hear and sadly, we have all done this !!
How much further would you be if you decided not to do this as often as you do ? Technically, you are taking one step forward in the gym, then taking one step (and often 2 steps) back with our lack of discipline in eating. This cycle then keeps repeating and your not seeing noticeable results and moving at a snails pace where you could be making remarkable improvements.

A lot of the times its not about a lack of control rather than a lack of motivation when your alone. Sure, it's easy to eat healthy in the morning. It's a nice fresh start to the day and you have ALL the motivation in the world. Then you get to work, hopefully you packed a great lunch and you eat healthy. The stress of the day happens and BOOM you go home. Your now tired, stressed and have food available without reserves and you might use food as a coping mechanism for the feelings you have and not for hunger. We as humans like comfort. We like to comfortable and typically that's food related to help comfort our feelings. You need to start to learn the difference between hunger cues and feelings. Sometimes we need to just learn from ANTS !!!

ANTS, yes ants are amazing little creatures that may seem like nuisance but have a purpose. We can learn a little from them and here is how to use Ants to help control your feelings and motivation.
In your life you don't have a boss besides YOU.Ants labor hard on their own will. They aren’t doing all the hard work for someone else, they are doing it for themselves. We too should want to work hard because it is beneficial to us and to everyone around us.
Ants plan ahead.They labor hard all summer and gathering food for the winter. While there are instant benefits to working out like healthy endorphins, what we do today is an investment for our future. If you labor now for a reward later you increase the motivation factor of starting TODAY. If you want to be healthy enough to play with your grandchildren and go on vacations in your 80s, then you labor hard now in your 40s. You must plan for the future and be willing to work now for a healthier life later.

Live life with a purpose. It is so easy to fall in the trap of laziness. Commit to being active, to fight laziness, to not give into napping when it isn’t necessary, to go to the gym after work even though you just want to hit the couch and relax. Also eat with a purpose. Eat to nourish your body and for nutrients not always for comfort.

Here are some simple ways to live like an ANT :
Live like an Ant

-Protect your environment, creating boundaries in your life to keep you safe and healthy
-Work on constantly improving
-Clean your space regularly. The more disciplined you are at home, the more disciplined you will be at work and in your extra time.
-Don't procrastinate!! Get it done early!!
-Remove the toxic things in your life !!
-Prep cook and PLAN ahead of time.Making that a priority is the key to being successful !
-Take initiative and do things on your own. Don't wait for others, you might be waiting a LONG time.
-Don’t do life alone. We need a support network to help us stay on course and reach our goals.
-Carry heavy weight regularly. I am saying, don’t be afraid to lift heavy stuff. Haven’t you ever watched an ants pick something up? It, oftentimes, takes several attempts. You can see them trying to tackle it from different angels. You might even see them drop it along the way. Be like the ant, and look at the impossible with a desire to attempt it ! You’ll get stronger and stronger with each attempt!
-Walk 12,000 steps a day! Get your body moving regularly !!!
Take the simple advice from an ANT.... Be productive, Try and try again, and Don't wait to start living !!

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