Sunday, February 15, 2015

One swap a day can keep you healthier and LIVE LONGER !

When you think of keeping your body healthy, there's a lot more to it than eating right and working out. Sometimes people forget about the simple things that can improve your health and well-being or at lease keep you healthier than before !

So what are some of the most important things you can do to remain healthy, vibrant and happy?? Here is a fun list of some serious and not so serious things that maybe you didn't think about when it comes to your health !

Stop drinking your calories !! Sure that mocha latte cappuccino is AMAZING but it contains on average 300-500 calories! That's a small meal of healthy foods comparable to 4 ounces of chicken, 1/2 cup veggies, and 1/2 cup sweet potatoes ! If I had to choose I would rather choose food over a drink that will leave me on a sugar high then drop to a nice low only to leave me hungry !!!

What do you do when your contact falls out ?? Many of us don't carry around contact solution ( at least I can speak for myself.. I don't) but the worst thing you can do is stick it in your mouth !!! If you put it on your tongue or even rinse it under the tap, you slather on germs that are then absorbed into the plastic. Which you then stick directly onto your eyeball. Not the best thing for a delicate part of your body !!! Do yourself and your precious eyes a favor and carry solution with you just in case of an emergency !!

When you are at the doctors for the first time they make you fill out a lengthy form that consists of a lot of health related questions that are usually not even about YOU! Know your family history and be able to fill in the questions accurately. It is a lot easier for you when you see a question and don't have to guess and it will help your doctor identify potential health risks that might arise in the future along with preventative measures to keep you safe !

Keep your body feeling its best by avoiding processed foods such as lunch meat, bologna, and sausage. Processed meats are full of fats and salts, thus retaining water. Not to mention they contain nitrates which have been linked to several types of cancer. Same thing goes for those "flashy" labels that claim sugar free, low fat, or all natural. You need to dig into the nutritional label to really see what they are using. Chances are they are replacing the sugar with something that is equally as harmful to your body! Eating foods claimed to be sugar free sounds great but what you are really doing is sending a message that tricks your body into thinking it's about to get a rush of caloric energy, but when it doesn't arrive, you crave even more food.

Here are some great ideas for the early morning routine that will save you time and stress !!!

-Floss your teeth. Brushing is great but get into the habit of flossing since brushing alone misses 30% of the surface of your teeth.
-Use a mouth wash to prevent and reduce gingivitis.
-Eat a solid breakfast full of protein, carbohydrates and fats to keep your body fueled for the day.
-Use an SPF sunscreen every time you go outside. Not only will it cut down on your cancer risk but it will prevent premature wrinkles and sun spots.
-Wake up and stretch! Practicing stretching or yoga fights extra poundage by supporting endocrine and thyroid function as well as by lowering cortisol, a stress hormone that promotes weight gain around your middle.

Don't forget that you need a nightly routine to wind down for the day and reset your body for the next day ahead !

-Follow the brush, floss, and swish routine you did in the morning !!
-Turn off the TV, laptop and phone at least an hour before bet.The glowing screens emit a blue light that keeps you up by suppressing melatonin, a hormone that regulates your body clock.
-Try to drink a calming tea before bed to relax or take a bubble bath !
-Set your coffee pot for the next morning so all you need to do in your sleep walkish slumber is push the button to make fresh coffee to wake you up and start the day!

And for my little rendition of do this not that !!
-Eat wet snacks not dry ones!
Water-rich, fiber-packed foods like fresh fruit, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, corn on the cob, broth-based soup, or baked potatoes pack fewer calories into bigger servings so you feel full on less. On the flip side, dry foods like chips, crackers, candy, bagels, pretzels, and granola bars cram lots of calories into small servings.

-Make your salad with romaine lettuce not iceberg. It may not provide the same satisfying crunch, but the darker leafy green has twice the fiber, B vitamins, folic acid, calcium, and potassium and seven times the vitamins A and C of iceberg.

-Use regular, not antibacterial, soap. Regular soap and water kills just as many germs as harmful antibacterial soaps. Some scientists argue that using too many antibacterial cleansers may tamper with the effectiveness of some antibiotics not to mention strip your hands of oils that are protection from diseases and germs.

-Put down the cancer sticks !!! I shouldn't have to say this but it ups your cancer risk ! Women who smoke slash 14 years off their lives not to mention it causes wrinkles, makes you smell bad and costs a lot of money !

-Exercise daily !!!! A mere 30 minutes of moderate activity could be the difference to save years on your life !

I hope that you enjoyed some of these little tidbits of information that can help you live a happy healthier life !!! Go on and enjoy the day ! Embrace Friday with arms wide open and think of these tips as the day goes on and swap out some of your decisions for healthier options !!

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