Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Why are all special events related to food ??

Just think about this ...
What do all of these have in common ?
-Birthday parties
-House parties

They all revolve around food.. and LOTS of it. It is not often that you go out and and just sit at around a table and stare at each other, you gather around food and drinks which is the norm and expected throughout society. This along with lives that are more sedentary, obesity rates among Americans are starting to become more prevalent especially children.

Recently, if you have noticed at some restaurants they are now posting the calorie counts of the foods that you are about to consume. The FDA is now starting to place regulations on businesses that serve food to include the calorie counts for the consumer to see. What is your opinion on this? Do you feel that it would deter you from eating "unhealthy" if you saw the calories ?

The labeling rule will require any restaurant, movie theatre, grocery store amusement park, or convenience store to label calories.
The main question raised by this new rule is whether or not seeing the calorie amount on the menu will deter people from ordering.
A huge contribution to the weight gain issue is the choice to consume high caloric foods which are readily available and quick!

Now don't get me wrong, eating a higher calorie meal once in a while is ok to do. But every single day is a health risk that can become life threatening leading to obesity, cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes. Most of the time our choices revolve around a few factors: availability, finances, taste preferences and knowledge regarding nutrition. Many people who understand nutrition or have a basic idea regarding it may find calorie counts helpful. But did this make a difference when it was implemented at a Starbucks in NYC? In a study of Starbucks customers in New York, people ordered only 6% fewer calories once nutrition information was posted on their menu.
It is likely that mo st people who consume these high calorie items on a regular basis know the foods are unhealthy and choose them anyways.

Personally, I find knowing calorie counts on foods important. Even if it is just the total amount of calories that the food is, knowledge is power and choosing a healthy option is important to me. Just knowing the foods that I am consuming are within a calorie budget that I have allows me to make smart choices as well as keep my body and health in check !

What are your thoughts and opinions regarding posting calorie counts on menus? Do you choose a healthier option if you know how many calories you are eating ??


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