Thursday, January 22, 2015

The TRUTH behind the gym !!!

In the fitness industry there are a lot of common misconceptions that are floating around the gym, especially now that it's the new year and people are looking to get "fit" quick!! There are many thingsu that NEW and OLD fitness people believe to be true and will listen to almost ANYTHING when it comes to the new and improved way to get in the best shape with the least amount of work! Sorry to say this but there is no QUICK or EASY way to become fit/athletic. All of this takes hard work and dedication... hence why it's called working out ! For you to be sucked into a gimmick about some fad diet, workout plan or pill you might want to think twice and hear what I have to say below.

As a fitness professional, it's my job to give you the truth. Sometimes the truth is hard facts about fitness and nutrition other times it's to bring you realization of all the FALSE information that can be very misleading to you and jeopardize your health. I would never tell you something that I did not research or do myself. So lets begin with a few common things that you might have heard or experienced while learning about fitness and transforming your life.

If a workout plan or trainer tells you that you can lose "x" amount of weight in "x" amount of days this is a cold hard lie. I say this because a lot of factors come into play. First off, if a trainer tells you they can shed "x" amount of pounds or body fat off your body, they are just lying to you. There are so many external factors that take place that in fitness there is no guarantee that you will lose, gain, or change body fat over a certain period of time. Just as people learn, develop and grow differently, the same is true for fitness. You body will go through so many changes and constantly adapt to change. It takes changing life long learned habits to create results. Secondly, a fitness program will not give you immediate results. For instance, if a program can claim for you to lose 12 inches in 12 workouts, that's a bit far fetched. BUT to the average person looking for a quick fix this sounds great !! Nothing good comes out of fast and easy....

Weight loss is actually very complex. From how much activity you do, to your metabolism and what you eat, they all play important roles in weight loss. Not to mention what shift you work, your eating schedule, and how much you sleep. Everything works in unison or against one another. It takes time, sometimes a LONG time to put all the pieces of weight loss together. In the beginning, if you have a lot of weight to lose, weight loss will be easy. Then your body will adapt and you will hit a plateau. Now what ? Most of the time this is where people just give up. But this is now the time to really learn how to adapt to this change and pick up the intensity!!!

Transforming your body is a big commitment but it is not the hardest thing you will have to do in your life. You might have days where you just don't feel like working out. There will be times that you will stray from your diet maybe for a day or others it might be longer. You will have moments of great success when weight loss occurs and then the mornings that you want to give up and throw the scale out the window. Just remember that health is about becoming the best version of you to be able to be around for your family in the absence of disease. It's about being productive members of society and when push comes to shove it's about survival of the fittest. Just think, if you take good care of your body, through solid nutrition, exercise and rest, in the end you will be able to remain healthy, strong and have a stronger immune system than those who do not follow this same lifestyle.

There is not a "right" plan for everyone to follow. There is no manual of how to be successful when becoming fit. Everyone is different. Every approach is different. Everyone will have different results. What works best for me, might not work for you at all. What my body responds to in terms of nutritional goals may not be the right protocol for you. SO before you dive into a fad diet or "new" training program, first analyze what DOES work for your body. I can tell you that I can build muscle a lot faster than most women. My body loves heavy weights and that's what I learned over the years. Fitness is like a giant science experiment. You need trial and error to find out what your body responds to and then you can tailor your needs around that. But don't just do what your friend is doing unless you and your friend respond to the same things.

Lastly, when you see a fitness professional or someone who is ripped in the gym, they might give you some hokey pokey about how they only workout for one hour 5 times a week and that they can eat what ever they want and have a 6 pack... TOTAL LIE! We (fitness professionals) put a lot of time and effort into the gym. Don't allow someone to tell you they do minimal work for amazing results. It just does not happen that way. I will tell you the truth when you ask me about what I do when I workout and all the time, dedication and hard work it really does take. This lifestyle is completely within EVERYONE'S reach!!! All it takes is time management, commitment, and dedication. Never feel as if you will never get to that level because you totally can!!! Just like everything else you have worked hard for this is just anther aspect of your life if your willing to put the effort in!!

Yes it might seem obsessive to some but for me training is my "ME" time and that I value. Just like some people value shopping or massages I value fitness! Take the time to embark on this journey and realize the truth behind some of the false lies people may tell you! You are an individual, you need specific plans to achieve specific results !!

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