Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Perfect as you are !

I want to become more.....

- Fit??

In order to do this you NEED to lift weights ! For any of the above statements, lifting weights is incorporated and necessary for your body to change. But so many people try to stray away from the weights and hop on cardio trying to lose weight. Why don't you just lift heavy ???


With that being said, why does this term "bulky" float around the fitness realm so often? And why is this a bad thing? Saying “lifting weights won’t make a woman bulky” is downplaying the hard work and dedication it takes to be strong. It’s downplaying all those who aspire to build “bulk” (muscle) and strive for their own personal perception of being fit.

Being fit is not a one size fits all approach to fitness. You need to put in a lot of work, time and commitment to achieve the 'look" you desire. This type of dedication takes character, it builds the mind just as it does the body. Lifting allows me to surround myself with supportive people who acknowledge and appreciate hard work, Theses are like-minded people who are strong physically and mentally too.

I want to let everyone in on a why I do what I do in terms of fitness. Sometimes it may seem excessive. Sometimes I might intimidate others. But I think muscle is beautiful ! Some people think women like me who lift "heavy A** weights" do it to look good. That is not true. Women who move heavy weights around do it because its a sense of strength, accomplishment, and pure love of fitness. It comes from a place of passion and is embedded in our minds.

The problem with our society is perception. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Those who look down upon any woman regardless of what they do, are already under you. Never let the opinions of others take your shine away. You deserve to work towards your goals and dreams. One person may perceive me as “bulky” or “too big for a woman.” They may “never want to be as big as me.” That’s just their perception. I have to admit, words do hurt, they start a record player in my mind and if I don't control it with positive thoughts they can alter my day.

I want to share with all of you that you NEED to be proud of all the accomplishments you have. y IF you work hard and train hard you WILL have “bulk”…if you didn’t, it would mean you built no muscle mass. Likely this “bulk” others speak of, you are very proud of as you should be! People who love you for you will be there for support others opinions DO NOT MATTER. Just think of how you make others feel by comments that are made. Just as someone would say "I would never date/marry a female with that much muscle" or "Why do you want to look like a man?" these words are discriminating and harsh. However, if you would comment to an overweight person that is harassment and people will attack you for making that comment!!! It goes in both directions. If you wouldn't want something said about you don't say it to someone else !!

We need to build a community of beautiful, powerful, intelligent, people !!! Lets pick each other up and become a force of strength for all people!

Now get your butt moving and get in this workout !

5 rounds

1 minute of work 30 seconds recovery
-Bike, row, run, jumping jacks etc ( any cardio to get your heart-rate up )
-battle ropes *sub weighted punches * light dumb bells
-kettlebell swings * sub dumb bell swings *
-box up and overs * Sub jump squats*
-burpees ( add a pull up for advance move)

I hope realize the beauty you hold!!!

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