Thursday, January 1, 2015


I hope that you are bringing in the new year with some awesome goals for 2015! I know that we all have high hopes coming into the new year but make it a priority to stick to those goals ~!
I know that I have BIG plans for 2015 !! I hope that many of you are just as excited as I am to get down to business and rock this year !
So lets start it off right ... with BREAKFAST
Sometimes what should be the easiest meal of the day is the hardest meals to find something quick to eat. If you are thinking of skipping out on breakfast you should think twice! All it takes is a little planning before hand to make an effort to eat right and start your day off full of energy ready to take on any challenge !
Breakfast is the really just breaking the fast from sleeping and lack of nutrients throughout the night. When you sleep your body is repairing itself and that does require calories to do this. Your muscles are being repaired, your body is replenishing it's cells and you are becoming stronger for the next day!!!
However, many people skip breakfast due to lack of preparation and lack of time management in the morning. When you chose to eat a nice and healthy breakfast, you are more likely to chose healthy foods all day long! Sounds like a win win!
So put down that cereal spoon and sugary eats and lets look at some healthier alternatives to breakfast that are quick, easy and on-the-go!!
- Protein shake ! This is the simplest no excuse breakfast ! You can't tell me you don't have the time to put powder in a shaker bottle the night before and put water into it before you leave??? You will get healthy protein to jump start your day! Pair it with some fruit and nuts and you have a healthy meal !
-Good Old Fashion OATMEAL ! Sounds boring, bland and plain but you can spice it up !!! Add protein powder for flavoring and some fruit! You can also prepare it the night before and just heat it up !
-Eggs are a staple breakfast item and the easiest way to eat on the run. Hard boil some eggs and peel them making it easy to grab and go. You can also make your eggs the night before like I do and just heat them up in the morning !
-Have a greens smoothie ! Most of the time you will add your greens, protein and some fruit for natural sweetness ! This is great for on the go!!
-Eat some greek yogurt with fruit and a spoonful of nut butter. Be sure to measure that nut butter to about 16 grams or 1 oz of nuts so you are not over indulging which is easy to do !
Eating healthy for each meal is important. Make breakfast a new priority and try out some of these healthy choices. Feel free to add in the comments your favorite healthy breakfast !!!
Remember to plan and prepare! There are no excuses to be unprepared!!! I make my meals for the next day the night before. I am up super early and I still make it a priority to eat breakfast before I train !!! Make healthy choices in the morning and your day will follow those choices !!
Have an amazing day !!

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