Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Don't Panic !!! Your goals are within reach !!!

Happy Hump Day !!!

Right about now many of you are just in the 1st week of you "new" years resolution. Hopefully you are sticking to it and staying motivated. For all of you who have health and fitness goals that you are working towards, I want to give you a quick list of common mistakes that you might be making that stalls your efforts in your fitness journey!

Don't Panic !! These are easy and quick fixes to enhance your journey and help you achieve the results your looking for !

Are you ready ?? Here we go!

-Chronic cardio ! Please step off that treadmill ! Unless you are a hamster in a wheel there is no need to do hours of cardio. You might have heard the term "skinny fat" this is because after time your body will adapt and STOP changing because you are doing the same thing over and over again! Use cardio as a tool for your training not as your training !!

-Don't be scared of the BIG weights ! Lifting does not make you bit! A bad diet and lack of exercise makes you big. Lifting heavy creates muscle and muscle burns more calories at rest. Your body WILL change when you start incorporating weights into your routine!

-Cutting calories will not help you lose weight over time. Yes initially you will lose weight, that will stop. Then you will be stuck in this position of underfed, tired, and no energy to workout. Sounds like a horrible position to be in for weight loss. Eating a healthy well balanced diet is the only way for steady weight loss over time !

-You can't spot reduce! Sorry but you can't really pick and choose where you want to lose fat. Your body will let go of "unnecessary" fat stores in your body before essential areas like your stomach which protects your organs. This is why fat likes to accumulate there. To see muscles you need a lower body fat. That can be done through a healthy diet and exercise routine.

-Cut the alcohol out of your diet ! It will stall fat loss. Besides, when you drink you tend to eat more "unhealthy" foods because you are not really concerned with healthy foods at that moment. Alcohol slows down your metabolism which is never good if your on a fitness journey !

-Eat at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight daily! Many people fear eating too much lean meats and protein products but in reality they are natural thermogenics. This means it HELPS your body to burn more at a resting state. Yes fruits,vegetables, and carbs have their place but if your in a pinch, lean meats or lean protein sources are your best options.

Now use these simple tools to change your mindset about training and eating. You will start to see results in no time !

Couple these tips with this awesome workout !!!

50 seconds of work-15 seconds of rest

-dumbbell squat to front raise
-kettlebell or dumbbell swing
-plank climbers
-weighted sit up
-plank jacks x5 then one push up

Have a great day and as always keep striving for your goals!

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