Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Toning and Bulking... the in's and out's of what it REALLY means !!

So you want to look lean, slender, and fit.... BUT you just want to "tone" up and not "bulk" up. Does this even exist?? What is the difference really or is there one ? So many women use the word "tone" as if it's a different than lifting weights. The myth states that lifting light weights for high repetitions will "tone" the muscles, whereas lifting heavy weights for lower reps will "bulk" the muscles.
The message being portrayed is that any man or woman interested in looking like a fitness model on a magazine cover should stick to light weights, because heavy weights should be used for those who wish to look like bodybuilders. WRONG !!!

To change the muscle you need to CHALLENGE the muscles. There is no such thing as spot reduction of a certain area just like you need to lift heavy enough to create changes or they just won't happen!

Muscles appear defined when there is little excess body fat surrounding them and they are regularly exercised. Resistance training is one exercise method that can increase their size and tone. Resistance training should be designed to increase your current strength by thoroughly working your muscles by lifting and creating an external force on your muscles!

When you think of muscle bulking, you might think of huge bodybuilders lifting heavy weights in a gym downing protein shakes.But in order to increase the size of your muscles you don't have to move into the gym and drink protein shakes all day. Like toning, muscle bulking requires strength gains, but from newly grown muscle fibers. Every time you lift you are creating tiny tears in your muscles. This causes inflammation and then muscle repair increase muscle size.

You have to stimulate your muscles to grow by adding weight training to increase additional fibers. In order to increase muscle growing a few factors need to be in place. A proper diet full of fresh foods and lean proteins, six to eight hours of sleep every night and a resistance training routine that targets the specific muscles and overall fat loss will ensure your body to tighten and create nice shapely muscles.

You may be hesitant to begin resistance training for fear of developing large muscles. The male sex hormone, testosterone, is vital when bulking up. Women naturally have very low levels of this powerful hormone compared to men. Lifting weights, even if they are HEAVY, will not make you look like a bodybuilder.

If you are a woman and building muscle is your goal, increase your daily calorie consumption by 350 calories of clean foods and focus on strength training. IF gains in muscle size is your goal, keep cardio limited because your body needs excess calories to grow more muscle.

If you want to build a lean muscle, make sure to include regular cardio exercise along with strength training to challenge those muscles. The less fat your body stores the "leaner" your muscles appear.

Do NOT fear the weights!!! Challenge your body every time your in the gym and change things up!! Try using higher rep ranges at a moderately heavy weight and other times push yourself at a heavy weight !!! Always check your form and be careful when lifting heavy weights alone. The best advice for beginners is to use machines to start before using dumbbells !!!

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