Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Feel good on the inside to look great OUTSIDE!!!

In order to feel good from the inside out, we need to take care of our minds, body and skin! Saggy, loose skin, blemishes, and discoloration are things no woman whats to hear. It is important to take good care of your skin just like you take care of your body and mind. Let's face it, your skin is one place that you need to take of the most diligently. Great skin comes from the inside out and taking the time to make healthy skin choices can be the difference in how amazing your skin looks and how you feel ! So here we go, these are some hints and tricks on how to keep your skin looking vibrant and healthy even on the days you want to cover up !!

Be vary cautious of the mercury that is found in many products we use daily. Mercury contains particles are far too small for our immune system to destroy and the body cannot break it down. So, it just hangs out wreaking havoc on the nervous system, skin and immune system. Scary thing is that this poisonous metal is easily absorbed through the skin and can accelerate aging.

Try not to use alcohol based products on your skin. Alcohol will dry out your skin making it less desirable. Fight this urge to use alcohol on your skin and choose for more gentle cleansers.

Be sure to eat a variety of fruits and veggies. Fruits and vegetables have important vitamins and minerals that help in the development and growth of skin cells. Don't ignore the healthy foods. Solid nutrition starts from the inside out.

Water is SUPER important, especially as we age. With age comes a drop in estrogen as well as a decrease in oil production in our skin. The more you hydrate, the less chance you stand of facing thinner, drier and even itchier skin. So, let’s make sure to consume a minimum of three liters per day. Also, try to refrain from showering with crazy hot water. Opt for luke warm water and a gentle or mild soap.

Using vitamin C helps with those ugly dark circles under your eyes.

Be an exfoliating queen ! In order to get to the newer smoother stuff, choose a gentle exfoliating face wash. . I gently massage it into the skin in an upward, circular motion. NEVER pull the skin. You can either rinse with lukewarm water or use a gentle cloth and dab, not rub, it off.

Hope all these tips and tricks will keep you skin looking fresh and bright all year round. Remember that your skin is one place that everyone can see ! Smile ... it makes you that much more beautiful !

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