Saturday, November 15, 2014

What is your genetic potential??

What is your genetic potential??

Are you training to maximize your body type or are you training to try to fit one? People research so many forums about nutrition, lifting, bodybuilding, cross-fit, or any other fad that is out right now hoping they fit into a category. People attempt try a shredding diet or a workout program that Mr. Olympia is doing expecting BIG results.. is that going to happen ?? NO

People assume that the big, ripped guys or women in the gym who have muscles are automatically "on steroids" or "juicing". But what it really comes down too is how your body reacts genetically to certian training techniques along with eating nutritional foods in large quantities to get the gains they need. 90% of what your body looks like is based on your nutrition !!!

Your body needs a substantial amount of muscle under the layers of "subcutaneous fat" in order to show when you perform a diet to lean out. If you do not have this foundation underneath, dieting would still leave you skinny-fat. It is also bad to be in constant "diet" and calorie restriction mode with large amounts of training that leads to your metabolism to become unhealthy and cause serious problems !!

Now to genetics. You cannot use your genetics as a crutch to why you can't lose weight or why you can't build muscle. At the end of the day, good nutrition and solid training outweighs your genetics! It might just be a lack of a great training program that is limiting your results !!! There are some athletes out there who are very genetically gifted but are at the top percentile and the outliers when doing research.

When you compare yourself to other people or athletes who are shaped in size, height and weight comparable to yourself, ask yourself what you are doing in terms of training and nutrition compared to them ? You need to stop limiting yourself with excuses as to WHY you can't and start say WHAT CAN I DO ??!!! Where you are now is not far enough; you can ALWAYS achieve a better version of yourself. IF you want to get stronger, you need to train like an Olympic /power lifter for strength and not fear gaining some excess weight in the process. IF you are looking to lean your body, focus on strength training along with metabolic conditioning !

BE THE DOER !!! Don't just sit back and "try" to find out what you should be doing.. GO OUT AND DO IT !

DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF ! You are capable and powerful to go out there and accomplish any goals you want to achieve !!!

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