Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Exercise your mind !!!

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. Too often we get excited about a new diet or workout program. We vow to stick with it and for a few weeks you are doing great.. then you hit the dreaded point of no return when your motivation dies down and "life" gets in the way. You may regain the weight you lost or even worse may gain a little more in the process. This can lead to a bad cycle of self-loathing, defeat, and regret of even starting. Having an "all or nothing" mindset is hard to get out of when you think more is more and get burnt out. So on your journey to a healthy body how did you become so mentally frustrated? In order to keep your body working you need to also work on your metal and emotional state !!!

Having a healthy mindset when it comes to fitness starts by seeing things less "black and white". If you didn't eat great for one meal, don't use it as an excuse to continue to eat bad all day. Just pick it up the next meal and reduce calories slightly but DO NOT beat yourself up for the little mishap use it as a way to grow and learn about yourself in this journey. I am going to give you so helpful tools to use to help enhance your healthy mind while working on your body !

What is your internal motivation? Ask yourself: What is it about _____that gets you excited? No matter what your goal is such as losing weight, starting a new program, or changing your behaviors, you need to figure out how to make it a long lasting and effective. When changing something for your health it is sometimes hard to do without it coming from yourself. Sure your friends, family, and doctors might suggest you to change your lifestyle but ultimately it needs to come from inside you. Do more of what you actually want to do instead of making things seem like a chore.

Remember it is not as bad as it seems. We as humans tend to think the ABSOLUTE worst out of every situation but in reality it is never that bad. The road to success is a bumpy road with a lot of twist and curves. Chose to make good decisions in that moment and try not to think too far in advance. Continue to remind yourself that it's really not that bad !!!

Chose to be optimistic. Your perspective is everything. How you see things in life can be the defining moment when you are reacting to situations. Sure things happen, life gets crazy, you miss the gym, you didn't eat so well, or you just gave up for a little. How you learn to pick yourself up and be a positive influence in your own life will set the stage to bring you success in anything you want to conquer. Having negative reactions is not only bad for your mind but also your body. Your body sends out hormones to combat the stress which will cause you more stress. Try to always find the positive out of every situation you are in and this technique will help you to keep your mind healthy.

Just a little phrase from Ghandi
“Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny.”

Now here is your Wednesday Workout !

20 min AMRAP
-weighted step ups x 10/leg
-weighted burpee curl and press (no pushup) x 10
-kettlebell swings x 15
-bosu ball pushups x 20

Have an awesome and beautiful day!!

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