Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Be GREATFUL for the Holidays and take some time to breathe!

The Holiday's are here !!!
The official kickoff of the holiday season is this Thursday ! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's all stacked within a 2 month time frame, we can get all too consumed in the hustle and bustle instead of the real reasons to celebrate !
Far too often we take for granted the little things in life and complain about the things that are privileges.
Think about some of these:
You walk out the door with mismatched shoes
* At least you have more than one pair of shoes to mismatch!
They misspell your name at Starbucks
* You have some "extra" income for little splurges !
The internet or Wi-FI is down
*You have access to technology that many places don't!
Your holiday flight is delayed or you miss the flight
*You have the ability to travel, that is something most people can't do!
Your grocery bags are too heavy to carry
* You have access to healthy food to eat at your leisure!
Your laundry is piling up
* You have CLEAN clothes to wear each day!
You lost your car keys ... again
* Be happy you have a place to lose your keys !
The automatic sinks are fickle and the dryer blows you to pieces
*You have access to running clean water and a place to use the restroom !
Your work is overwhelming at times and piling up
* Be blessed you have a job/career to be at each day !
You see there are many things we take for granted each day. But if we took a step back and realized how much of life is a blessing you might feel compelled to help others ! Remember the life you live no matter how bad YOU think it is someone is wishing and praying for that life right now !
During the holiday season there are many people who go overboard buying gifts upon gifts of expensive items to "please" their family. The experience of the holiday is soon forgotten and replaced by material things. What happened to the days of spending time with family and friends, eating a wholesome meal, giving to others without the expectation of receiving in return?
Thanksgiving is a time to "Give Thanks" to others. What are you planning to do to "give thanks" or give back to others?
Try to pick one thing to do for someone else. Make food for a shelter, offer help at a soup kitchen, package bags for the homeless, or just offer help to your family during the holiday's. Don't forget the real reason for the holiday... To spend quality time with family and friends. To give back to others and to give without expecting in return !!!

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