Friday, November 14, 2014

Are YOU addicted to JUNK FOOD ?

Are YOU addicted to Junk food ?

When trying to lose weight, your nutritional intake is about 80% of the equation. Many Americans are spending too many countless hours wasted through inactivity and eating high calorie junk food. BUT you can take the steps towards fixing this little nutritional blunder and start creating healthy habits. Inactivity at night paired with eating junk foods that are high in empty calories ( meaning it has no nutritional value to you) high in sugar, sodium, fat and preservatives makes it difficult to lose weight. I am sure that if this sounds like you , you use food as "comfort". WHY ... Because junk food releases feel good hormones in your body, kind of like the same ones you get when working out !!! Your body uses these feelings and makes a connection between feeling good based on eating the junk which is why it's so hard to CUT THE JUNK OUT !!

How do you know if you are addicted to junk food ??

Do you ever get cravings for food even when you are full ?? This is one of the largest indicators if you are addicted to junk food. If you just consumed a well-balanced meal but still feel the need to stick a spoon into the ice cream tub, you need to take a second to see what you are really feeling. Are you anxious, sad, worried, or just bored? Your mental state is what drives these feelings. Don't feel the need to reward your feelings with food !

Do you tend to binge eat ? Do you feel like if you stop eating the food will NEVER be there again ? This is a common problem with people who suffer with junk food addiction. In your mind you feel that you must consume ALL of it and not leave any left just in case you wont have it again! This is not good for your mind and not good for your body !! It will be there today just like it will be there tomorrow ! No need to consume it ALL just have a little if you must !

Feel like it's too hard to quit ? Its a sugar addiction !!! Your body will go through some withdrawal symptoms because it's detoxing your body ! I promise you that if you can last 21 days without sugar you will break that habit !!! You just need to cut things out little by little and eventually your body will not want all that sugar !

Do you ever find yourself "making excuses" to eat junk food? Are you rewarding yourself with food ? Are you making excuses as to why you can’t put down that bag of potato chips, then you definitely have a junk food addiction problem. Portion control is key when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight or for losing weight and when it comes to junk food this is no different.

Feeling guilty? This is a tall tale sign that you have an addiction. Food shouldn't make you guilty! Listen to your body. Your emotions can let you know a lot about your mental and physical well-being, so if you feel guilty after eating junk food then you probably have a problem.

How do you get rid of this junk food problem ?? Simply start listening to your emotions and start reducing the amount of junk in your diet! It won't be easy but it will be worth it ! Try to find healthier options to your sweet tooth and eventually your body will learn to crave healthy foods and you will break this cycle !

Now go do your body some good and workout with this circuit !

3 total rounds for time
-row 500 meters
then 2 rounds of this circuit
*one arm thruster with kick right arm/leg x 5 reps
*burpee x 5 reps
*one arm thruster with kick left arm/leg x 5 reps
*pushup with right and left side knee
Repeat from row 2 more times !!

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