Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Accountability !

What makes you feel accountable for your actions? Each person has that one things internally that makes them accountable for their actions. Whether you have a personal commitment to yourself, a co-worker, a team or even your personal trainer, your decisions to do or not to do something is based upon how much you are willing to release your control! When it comes to making healthy decisions about your life, you have two choices: CHOOSE for NOW or CHOOSE for LATER !

Every decision you make has a consequence to that decision. I don't want to say "bad", we are all adults and labeling "bad" to things is a habit we need to steer clear. Someone in our childhood imbedded this connotation into our brains and causes us to associate "bad" with feelings of inadequacy, shame, and disappointment. Those days are over !!! We all can make decisions and those decisions are based upon your accountability to the extrinsic action. Specifically today I want to talk about food and food choices when you are placed in a difficult situation.

Far too many times the opportunity presents itself in a group setting to make choices that may be uncomfortable but how accountable are you to yourself?? Being able to stand your ground in a group is harder than you may think but if you are confident and able to stick to your goals making those decisions will be easy when practiced over time.

Here are some examples of those hard decisions and some ways to combat them !!

Scenario 1
-You are at a dinner party and you need to choose something on the menu to order. You have to make your choice based on you NOT on the people at the table. It is easy to get sucked into ordering what the table orders, usually fried, smothered, or battered but YOU can be the difference !!!
*** Choose to order FIRST ! Yes you can be the leader, set the tone for the table for a healthy meal and then it doesn't give you the option to be persuaded !

Scenario 2
- You are given a gift of homemade goodies for the Holiday's. You don't want to be rude and say no or explain that your watching your weight so you accept and place on your desk to haunt you all day. WHY ?
*** Say Thank You accept them and march them right up to the group room or office space provided as a break room. Explain that you received them as a gift and want to share with everyone. Now you don't have to worry about eating them and everyone has the option to choose if they want some or not.

Scenario 3
- Your significant other is a bit less than supportive or should I say partially destroying that inner accountability. Just because your partner is eating something does not mean you need to eat it as well ! We all have choices to make and you do not need to follow along!!
***Kindly state that you are trying to make healthier decisions and would love for them to join in and do the same. It is easier when both parties are able to work as a team and eat the same thing but if that is not an option then choose something healthy for yourself !!

Scenario 4
-Follow the 80/20 RULE : 80% of the time eat healthy and 20% of the time have a scheduled treat ! Yes I said SCHEDULED treat. You want to allow yourself some flexibility but you also need to be in control. If you schedule a treat into your day you can eliminate some carbs from previous meals to account for that treat. This way you won't completely derail from your diet !!
*** If you know you have an event coming up you want to prepare for it. So workout one extra day that week and really stay on track with your diet until that day ! You are not depriving yourself you are simply living with intentions and a clear goal of your accountability !

So now .. Lets make some great choices ! You have the ability to be accountable for your decisions and you are able to make GREAT ones !!!

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