Saturday, October 4, 2014

We all struggle .... it's how you handle it !

Life has a way of challenging us from all angles. As soon as one thing is figured out we are faced with what seems like one after the other after the other.... Does this sound like your life? I have to just express something to all of you, it is one of those days that I need to keep it real with myself and to all of you who follow.

I STRUGGLE ... Life is about learning to live through struggles, learn from them and not repeat the same mistake twice. But what happens when you continue to struggle day after day with the same problems and nothing gets fixed ? This is where I am at in my life today. I am grateful, humbled and blessed. I would never tell you that I am complaining about my life but I feel that being someone who is in a "leadership" role like I am as a trainer, I have a responsibility to always be on my "A" game. I focus my life to help others. To INSPIRE, create HEALTH habits, to find SELF-LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. You see the bold letters represent the beautiful things I want all the people around me to acquire, but what happens when I don't have all that under control myself? Does that make me a hypocrite? I always say practice what you preach....what if I preach what I KNOW I should do but I am human and STRUGGLE just like you? What if I said that it's OK to just admit that. I am admitting it to you right now.

My goal is life is to make sure each person I can come in contact with I influence to make YOUR life better. To take the struggles of that moment and let you live free ! What if I told you that I have had my share of life long battles that I struggle with daily? I am a fighter, I will preserve through my limitations and I will never give up. Just like I promised myself I would not allow any woman to fight the battles I am fighting. I want to start a movement. I want to create change in the world for self acceptance. I want to learn to LOVE MYSELF ! Yes I have problems accepting who I am. Yes I pour myself into others in hopes that it will rub off on me. Yes I struggle daily but I WILL NOT GIVE UP and I will never give up on others to find that special something each of us possess.

You might wonder where this is coming from.... Why I feel the need to express myself to you.... well I want you to get an inside of the why behind what I am and what I do. The reason I fight so hard to push everyday to be better. The reason I will let no limitation stand in my way. And the reason I will always make sure to focus my passion on others to ensure no one has to struggle like I do.

To be successful you need to maintain a positive focus no matter what is going on around you. Stay focused on YOUR goals and don't let small minded people destroy your dreams. Go for the things you believe in and fight when your heart tells you that your doing good !  Focus on the present moment because soon it will be in the past but look towards the future with striving progress to become the best you possible. You can choose your life. Your destiny. Your dreams ! Life is about thriving and not just surviving. If you feel like your surviving.... find the things in life worth living for and do that ! Your amazing and have the ability to do anything you put your mind to !!!

Do good in this world ! Be that positive change!! Love your self and accept every beautiful flaw you have !!!

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