Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Time it right for great resutls!!!

Working out is only part of the equation when it comes to getting a killer body. You diet right all day long but then at the end of your workout the hunger monster strikes and you feel like you can eat anything in sight. What you need to do is make sure that you are fueling your workouts with the proper nutrition but sometimes post gym hunger strikes at the worst time.

Unfortunately, we tend to OVER-estimate the amount of calories that we burned when working out and decide to overindulge on your post workout meals because you "earned" it. Post workout meals need to be planned and not just on the fly. In order to see results follow this plan of attack to fuel your body and be a lean mean fat burning machine.

First off, PLAN your post workout meal. Eating after your workout is a critical part of recovery. Make sure that you bring a post workout meal with you. A good post workout meal will consist of protein, fast digesting carbohydrates, and a little fat.
Don't decide to go to the grocery store hungry. You will just tend to grab anything and everything will look good to eat. Make sure that you choose healthy foods on the perimeter of the grocery store and stay out of the middle isles!
Make sure that you are properly fueled for your workout. Being hungry before working out only makes you more hungry. Working out depletes your energy reserves and might tap into your hard burned muscles. Pre-workout is the time to get energizing carbs and proteins. Try a berry smoothie with some almond milk and flax seed pre workout !!
Supplement your workouts properly. During your workout try to sip on BCAA's or whey protein to keep your hunger at bay and to refuel your muscles during your workout.As you work out, your body burns through nutrients to fuel your muscle contractions, this causes a shift in your muscles’ nitrogen balance. When your muscle nitrogen drops, muscle-building shuts off and muscle breakdown can start to occur.
Post workout is the time to feed the beast. Try to make sure your getting at least 20 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs in your post workout meal. A good post workout example is a fast-digesting whey protein, along with a couple of rice cakes within the first hour post-workout. Then, eat a proper meal again, within a few hours. This method has been shown to help maximize muscle replenishment and efficiently kick-start muscle rebuilding processes.
Working out depletes your body of glycogen, but that doesn't mean you can go overboard on carbohydrates post workout to refill them. The main reason for post workout overindulgence is not fueling our bodies properly ALL day long and then you are famished after a workout and ready to eat everything and then over-eat because of this. Be sure to not use working out as a reason to "treat" ourselves. You just did an amazing thing for your body so why would you want to "treat" it with garbage food when you can fuel it to repair muscles ???
So here is a little recap of what was just stated !!
-Plan your post workout meal
-Don't grocery shop hungry or post workout
-Eat a proper meal before working out
-Drink whey or BCAA's intra workout to curb hunger
-Eat a proper post workout meal with a 20/40 protein to carb ratio
-You don't need to "treat" yourself with food post workout
-Mindfully think before you eat so that your fully aware of what your feeding yourself.

Now time to be a little muscle monster and get you lifting on in the gym !! Be sure to refuel before, during, and after your workout !!!

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