Thursday, October 23, 2014

This is how we SWING it !

Kettlebell Swings... either you LOVE them or HATE them but no matter which you prefer they are extremely beneficial to any training program. When performing a kettlebell swing, having the correct form is the MOST important aspect of this move. Kettlebell swings develop powerful hips, a strong posterior chain, and builds a solid core. Due to the explosive nature of this move, you get an added metabolic boosting bonus that lasts after your workout is complete because you are utilizing your ENTIRE body!!!

Steps on how to perform a kettlebell swing:
1.Stance set up.
2. Place your bell a foot or so in front of you.
3. Hinge, load your hips and grip your bell.
4. Spine is neutral and eyes are on the horizon.
5. Root your feet to the floor.
6. Grip and visualize breaking the handle of the bell to engage your lats.
7. Sniff in some air.
8. Hike the bell and keep it close to your body.
9. Snap the hips and match the tension breath at the top with the hip snap.
10. The bell should float momentarily at chest height while you are in a standing plank.
11. Throw the bell back for another rep.

Check out the video below for instruction!!!

Some common errors with kettlebell swings :

1. Pulling or muscling the bell with the arms/shoulders
2. Shrugging your shoulders
3. Hyper-extending the low back at the top of the swing
4. Chicken necking
5. Squatting vs hinging
6. Not finishing with the hips (stopping short)
7. Not matching the breath to the hips
8. Scooping the knees
9. Flexing the ankles

Here are 5 reasons to add in kettlebell swings into your training !!

-They burn a TON of calories because they are ballistic and require the entire body to complete each rep.
-Strengthens the posterior chain and core muscles
-Strengthens and builds muscle in the upper back, glutes and hamstrings.
-Provides cardiovascular conditioning
-Creates a metabolic fat burning furnace for up to 24 hours post exercise.

If theses reasons aren't enough to intrigue you to try kettlebell training I don't know what will help change your mind ! So go out there and try it out !!


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