Friday, October 10, 2014

Take off your blinders ladies and pay attention !!!

Are you wearing your fitness blinders ? Do you tend to focus only on certain "target" areas in hopes of slimming down in those exact spots?? Or are you a cardio queen always on the treadmill or eliptical logging away hours at the gym without seeing significant changes? Does the though of lifting or the weight room scare you ? Don't worry you are not alone. Each gender whether male or female tends to train differently. Men typically are heavy lifters, grunt HATE cardio and leave sweat marks everywhere. Women on the other hand will chose hours of cardio, little and light weights only to find they are not seeing results! What GIVES !!!

I am going to discuss some common pitfalls that women make and how to effectively correct them so your results are amplified and you are learning how to effectively train your body !!!

*~Doing too much cardio !!! ~*
- Cardio.. ughh that dreaded word to some but a stress reliever to others. Gym goers spend hours upon hours on cardio machines reading magazines, watching tv, or zoning out. It's great your doing your 30 minutes of cardio but wouldn't' t it be more beneficial to bun the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time? Think intensity over time in this case... yes the machine "says" you did 30 minute and burned x-amount of calories but did you ?? Chances are if you didn't put out maximal effort the results will not show that !! If your doing cardio and not seeing your body change you might want to consider lifting weights to increase your metabolic rate after you workout ! Try to add HIIT training to your cardio routine for at least 2-3 times per week to start seeing better results !!

*~ Lifting like a girl ~*
- I say this kindly.....Don't be such as girl !!!! Yes as a female lifting weights, getting your hands dirty and building up callouses is not for everyone but lifting weights that CHALLENGE your muscles will help you see the results you desire. Toning is NOT REAL... you can't spot reduce nor target just one area. Fat is lost through dieting and consistent training. If you want to build curves you NEED to challenge those muscles! If you are not struggling to complete the final few reps the weight you used should be increased next time !! Have no fear of getting HUGE like the hulk, we as women do not have enough testosterone to build that type of muscle... oh your thinking what about them bodybuilding women ??? The majority of them are using some type of supplement to increase testosterone in their bodies to create that much muscle size. Rule of thumb, complete 12 reps and if the last 3 are really easy up the weight next set !! Simple as that and you will build some sexy curves on that body of yours !!

*~ Fearing dumb-bells, kettle-bells, and Bars ~*
-Sure a machine looks easy to use and that's because they are designed that way ! A machine is very isolated to the specific body part you want to target. Don't let playing in the weight room with the big boys scare you away from using the free weight equipment! Mindlessly going through the motions on the machines will just lead to a half workout without much thought. Now add in some dumb-bells and all those little accessory muscles need to work harder to stabilize that muscle. What does that do for you?? Well it causes more muscle growth to happen which means faster results !! Make sure to use free weights for your lower body to help maximize the burn along with machines !!!

*~ Neglecting your backside ~*
- The most under trained muscle in a female is your back !! Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Women who are large chested or have a lot of visceral belly fat in the front are the ones who need back training the most. No one wants a hunch back but it's more common than you think from a lack of training those muscles plus having a sedentary desk job hunching over a computer for hours at a time. Women need to train their backs by incorporating bent over rows, lateral pull downs, pull ups and reverse flyes to name a few exercises. Plus one huge benefit from back training is reducing back pain !!

Now take off those fitness blinders, head your butt into the weight room and start creating that sexy body you wanted!! Don't forget your backside and lift like you really mean it !!!

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