Monday, October 27, 2014

Strong is the NEW skinny !

Strong is the new skinny !!!

Day after day we are bombarded by pictures of celebrities that are less than realistic. What we see is the Photoshopped image that shrinks, slims, tightens, brightens and sometimes eliminates body parts on accident.
What does that really say about those photos and the people we admire?

It is hard to believe that the people we idolize and look up too are just like us.. They have curves, cellulite, wrinkles, pimples, bloating, etc....

When are we going to wake up to this unrealistic expectation of what we should look like ? We as women need to stop the crash dieting, stop the self-hate, put that scale away and stop trying to be "skinny fit" and decide to be STRONG and FIT !

If you didn't already know, muscle weighs more than fat but is less dense in size. So if you put muscle and fat side by side on a scale... muscle would be smaller in size than fat but weigh more. Now let translate this into your life and body. You might fear the weights because you don't want to get "bulky" so you stick to the treadmill and cardio. Sure you might lose some weight but what does your body look like ? If you want to create a lean physique lifting weights is the way to go !!!

Another example is the scale number. That darn thing can haunt you in your sleep and bring anxiety to the calmest of people. Lucky for you the scale is only a tiny representation of your weight. A lot more goes into the number you see. That number on a standard scale is the OVERALL number of everything you encompass. So that includes your lean body mass, total fat, bones, muscles, water retention, hair,,,etc. The scale can only tell you so much. If you want a more accurate form of measurement use a 7 point pinch test for body fat that takes your age, weight,and 7 points of skin fold to assess the difference between your lean body mass and fat in your body.

So what should you be doing ?? Focus on wellness and overall fitness in the gym. Set up performance based goals instead of the scale. Eventually the scale will stop moving, you hit a plateau, and now you need to make a decision on how to break it. But if you constantly have bigger goals to reach already in place, that plateau will be harder hit and your body will always be changing. Not to mention the more lean muscle mass you have the smaller your body composition will be REGARDLESS the number on the scale.

Here is an example of performance based goals:
Each month perform this routine and record the results. Your goal is to always improve your scores !!

1 minute of each with 1 minute rest in-between each for one round.

-Air squats to a box ( this ensures you don't cheat!!)
-Push ups ( do as many regular pushups as you can and record then finish with modified push ups for the remaining time.)
-Sit ups ( anchor your feet to something and do full sit ups)
-burpees (just for a fun challenge)
Run 1 mile for time for cardiovascular endurance testing.

Next time your in the gym, think about the GOALS you want to achieve when lifting. Strive to reach and set new goals. The scale will only tell you so much but your performance is what will keep you strong and fit !!!

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