Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Grocery shopping .... ugghhh ! Who really likes to go grocery shopping each week? It's one of those duties that just needs to get done each week but it can be pretty painless if you can plan ahead of time and stick to it !

So many people ask me what I eat so I am going to tell you exactly what I get each and every week ! It doesn't change unless I try a new recipe that I need extra ingredients for. 99.9% of the time I buy and eat the same foods each and every week. Lucky for me I am a creature of habit. I don't like changes and I like when things are planned out for me ahead of time. The biggest benefit of planning everything out is having your meals in mind and that will help you stay on track. Mindless shopping for random things to cook with will only lead you to be frustrated and buying items that are not the best for you. So here is a list of what I buy each week !! The items with a ** are bought maybe once a month or until I run out !

Protein Sources
-Chicken breast ( 2 packs of breasts and 1 of tenders)
-Ground 97% lean turkey (1 lb.)
-Eggs ( 6 or more 18 packs)
-**Tuna canned

- Fresh spinach ( 2 bags)
-cucumbers (8)
-celery (2)
-carrots (5 lbs bag)
-peppers (6)
-spaghetti squash (if on sale)
-sweet potatoes ( 6 large)
-frozen green beans ( 2 bags)
-frozen broccoli ( 1 large family bag)

-apples (6)
-mixed berries frozen bags of blueberries and strawberries
-mixed bag of frozen cherries and blackberries

-**oatmeal in the big container
-salt free rice cakes
- **cream of rice ceareal

-Mixed nuts ( almonds, Brazilian, cashews)
-almond butter all natural from a grinder
-Peanutbutter all natural from a grinder

Misc. items
-Mrs. Dash
-Pam spray
-Cystal light packs ( I know not great but 2 gallons of water needs some flavor )
-Gallon of water
-Mustard (yellow, spicy brown, horseradish)
-**Hot sauce
-**Protein powder

And there you have it... Not much too it ! Now I prep ALL the meats, boil 1/2 the eggs and prep my veggies on Sunday. Everything for the week is ready to rock and roll ! No excuses and no other foods to cheat off of. If you don't have it, you won't eat it !!!!

Let's workout now !!! It's Wednesday so today is a day to really kick that mid week slump and HIIT a great workout !

4 rounds for time
-20 walking lunge steps with a plate over head hold
-10 kettle-bell swings
-10 burpee deadlift with a weighted bar
-10 kettle-bell goblet squat

then 21-15-19
-Jump squats
-Mt. Climbers
-Push ups
-Sit ups


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