Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween ! Now keep your hand out of the jar !!

Happy Halloween !!!

Goblins, ghosts, and candy .... OH MY !! Don't let the beginning of the holiday season send you into a blunder !!! Halloween is the start of the next three months of sugary sweets, treats, and savory foods that can send anyone into a sugar high. Halloween is a holiday that is a nutritional pitfall for many but don't worry I have some tips and tricks to use to keep you sane and healthy along the way!

With candy floating around EVERYWHERE you look, from chocolate to gummies and homemade treats its no wonder people just derail and give in. Being the "odd" one out and saying no is hard to do when everyone around you is gorging on their favorite childhood candies. But you don't have to say NO to everything and feel deprived, you just need to play it smarter one step ahead of the temptation. Follow these simple yet effective times to enjoy the holiday's without the guilt !

Eat some treats in moderation. You can indulge but don't overindulge in those sugary treats. For example, eat a snack size bar of your favorite candy instead of a regular size bar. The average miniature/”fun” size bar of chocolate has 75-95 calories compared to the 200-250 calories in the regular-size bar. Or if that big open bowl is always tempting you to stick your hand in each time you pass it, choose something you REALLY want and savor it. Then move the bowl or go a different route so you are not tempted all day long.

Eat your normal, balanced meals throughout the days. Don't skip meals to save on calories. This will just lead to binging and then allowing yourself to eat whatever you feel because you will feel like you already ruined the day. Set yourself up for success and eat normally but just keep in mind to save a little room for dessert!

Eat BEFORE you go trick or treating with the kiddos. If you are hungry when you leave, all that candy will be readily available for you and you will be less likely that you can say no. Be smart and just eat a small snack of protein and carbs before you go so you are not so hungry which will help tip number one when it comes to moderation.

Try to squeeze in a good workout when you know that you will be indulging in a little extra. Be sure to recognize that exercise is to keep your body moving and burning just a little bit more on those days when your metabolism will need a little boost. Exercise does not eliminate calories consumed it will just enhance your bodies ability to burn more overall during the day,

Plan your holiday treats. Instead of just eating whenever you feel, plan special times that you can utilize and control the amount that you eat. Post workout would be the optimal time for a sugary treat because you body can utilize the glycogen to restore what was lost. This does not give you a FREE pass to eat anything and everything but to enjoy something sweet like candies and gummies as fast digesting carbs which is a win-win for a post workout treat along with a protein shake.

The key to success is to ensure that you have control over what you are eating and not let the holiday control you. Plan your normal meals according to your day. Have a small snack prior to trick-or-treating and walk instead of drive. Also utilize your post workout carbs for sweet treats and keep it all in moderation !!!

Have a great Halloween and Spooktacular Day !!!

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