Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I have a challenge for you !!! For the next 7 days... Keep a food log ! If you put it in your mouth, you write it down. Yes this includes drinks, food, condiments, gum, candies, tick tacks whatever goes in gets written down. Too many times people "think" what they are eating is clean and healthy but far too often we underestimate those little nibbles and bites that add up over the course of a day. Even gum has about 5 calories in it and those candies that you pop for a nice sugar rush can have up to 30 calories for just a few pieces !! Over time those little added extras can add up and be the small problem to why your weight loss efforts are stalled.

Here are some reasons to keep a food journal and why it's so important to track your meals as a check-in at least once a month !!! You can do it the old fashion way and track it on paper then look up the calories and nutritional breakdown or use a nutritional tracker like MyFitnessPal to track your calories !

-First and foremost by writing it down it will keep you accountable for what you are eating. This will be an eye opening experience for better or worse. Some days you will feel good about what you wrote down and other days you will look at it and say "why did i just eat that?" No matter what the reason it's good to be able to identify the good days and bad and then the reasoning of why you ate that way.

-Keeping a food journal will help with learning if you have a calorie imbalance of too many or too little. Too few calories over time will cause a plateau however too many calories over time will lead to weight gain. Keeping track keeps it straight with no room for cheating yourself.

-By seeing what you are eating and how much you are eating, you are learning portion control. Think about it, if you are honest with your food journal (which you should be) you might find that you overeat when stressed out or when you eat out. By identifying these areas of slight "binge eating" you can then reverse the behavior when in those situations. Who knew that the dressing on your salad is MORE calories than the salad and meat on it !! You will be surprised!

-Tracking your food on an app will help you learn your macro-nutritional ratios or at least put it into a pie chart that is easier to understand. You can see if you are eating too many carbs,fats, or protein throughout the day and then make adjustments.

-When you eat out, I strongly suggest doing your research on the menu BEFORE you go. Many times the food you order which you "think" is a healthy choice is not. The salads are great to eat.. minus the dressing and those croutons, and crispy toppings they use. You need to learn the lingo on how to order so that you get a great healthy meal minus the calorie trap!!! Always order your food with just seasonings on your meat, no butter, steamed veggies and dressings and toppings on the side. Hey you might sound picky and specific but just think..now you get a fresh piece of meat and food because it's specially ordered !!!

Now find an app or go old fashion. Write down your food which includes the amounts that your eating. BE SPECIFIC and keep track. This will be the best way to keep yourself in check and find out where you can fix your diet.

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