Saturday, October 18, 2014

Above average

Hey time for a motivational post to set the weekend off right...

In life we tend to set our standards around the "average" of the population. Meaning if its a societal standard we tend to lean towards that as what is expected of us...

But wait who really wants to be just average ??? Think about it.. Being average means just blending into the masses.. I for sure want to stand out among the rest as a leader and strong force to others.

Why not go above and beyond the average? Why not strive for excellence in everything we do ? Why not help others without expecting anything in return?

Maybe if we live life like this we would all have a better life set for us. Leading in excellence requires others to step up to that standard. If you go beyond in what needs to be done, others will respect you and treat you above average.

Next time you feel like being just "average" take the next step and be above it. Don't avenge those who hurt you, help them. Give the shirt off your back to those in need and above all be the best version of you each and everyday !!

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