Friday, September 19, 2014

Stop the yo-yo dieting FOREVER and keep the weight off !!

Stop the yo-yo dieting FOREVER and keep the weight off !!!

You decided to commit to working out, eating healthy and taking the steps to make your life better... YAY for you :))) You finally reached your "goal" weight and are now ready to show it off to everyone you know and that's an amazing feeling. All your hard work paid off, you go out to celebrate for a few weekends in a row, your workouts are slacking a bit and your eating habits are not as strict. Suddenly your clothes are fitting a bit tighter than you would like and now you feel like you are slowing slipping backwards. Maybe all those cocktails and heavy carb meals are not as worth it as you though they were. But ask yourself this question: What were all those sacrifices worth if you can’t keep the weight off?

The secret to keeping weight off and not re-gaining it is not really a secret at all !!! All you need to do is go back to what you were doing before and STAY consistent. Many people believe there is an "all or nothing approach" to weight loss, nutrition and exercise. This will only lead to strict dieting and then you will binge because you feel deprived and the cycle starts over. Here is what really happens on those strict calorie diets! When you lose weight through strict dieting, your body tries to fight it in many ways:

- Your brain starts telling your body that you’re starving, and that you need to eat more food.

- The brain also tries to slow down your metabolism so that your body returns to its “comfort weight" meaning the weight that is comfortable for optimal survival.

- Your fat and muscle cells become more insulin sensitive, which although is mostly good for overall health, it makes the body more efficient at storing any excess energy (in fat cells) instead of burning it off (in muscle cells).

- Finally, weight loss and dieting initially suppresses your ability to burn fat while sending extra energy to fat storage.

I don't think ANY of this sounds good ! So many people, women especially, have a hard time keeping weight off because of many reasons due to physiological, psychological and biological needs when it comes to attaining the body you deserve.

So how do you keep it off ?? EXERCISE! It may not be a "magic pill" but it's effective and worth your time.

- Regular exercise leads to decreased appetite and increased caloric expenditure, helping you keep the weight off longer,

- It also changes the body into a fat-burning machine and helps it store more carbohydrates in muscle where they can be used to fuel further exercise sessions.

- Finally, it can increase muscle tissue and keep fat tissue at bay, which helps you look better with and without your clothes.

For most women, depending on their schedule and preferences, 3 lifting sessions, 1-2 HIIT sessions, and 1-2 moderate intensity cardio sessions is perfect. These can be combined in different ways to allow 2-3 full days off from the gym every week (but still aim to be active on those days — housework, yard work, walking the dogs — it all counts!)

Not only will exercise make you look and feel better with TONS of energy but it will boost your mood and help regulate appetite !! Is that not what we are all striving for ?? A healthy, happy, life free from diseases ?? I think so.............. what are you waiting for !!! Start living the life you always dreamed !!!

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